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------------------------------ Surf_amplitude_encore -- (#2 of the amplitude series) Map created by Buck Nasty Jail created by FAJ ------------------------------ This map is skill surf with 2 endings: -The first ending rewards you with the ability to nade the other team that is in jail from a sheltered bunker. - The second ending rewards you with multiple torture options. -The map follows a time release which will release the prisoners from jail every 30 seconds for the first minute; to give the players another chance to beat the map. -Both teams spawn together without any weapons (no pistols or knives). -Lastly I'd like to thank the beta testers and especially FAJ for the jail and Roosta for contributing a piece of surf. -Comments are always welcome, including constructive criticism! Enjoy! --Buck Nasty



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  • 10y
    I like this map best than all the other releases,it's very decorated and i like the jail when i see FAJ i must see an complex jail.

    I can't fininsh the map but i go far in the map, very well made, it's easy than amplitude_light, but our server dislike it i think they put it one time or two, they don't like to play skill surfs and start without weapons, i don't agree with them i got addict with the map whan i have saw the complex jail and the epic surfing.

    But there one con noobs surfer can damage the fun in the map ,most will go to the jail and fight with bombs the textures are well chosen and it 's looks amazing from the screenshots.

    And also these spotlights make the map is one of my favourites, as always most of your map is amazing, and the torture options are fulled with fun.

    The torture options are very fantastic specially the jumping rope i get in 30s and the rope get fast i die :(, there are some other options but i only remember the jumping rope.

    I hope we will see a new surfing with new areas and jails, and don't forget new torture options with new difficult.

    I don't faces any lag in this map in jail or in the surfing so i don't think there are lag.

    Keep up the good working!

    -Your friend Anonymous-
  • 10y
    Wowyourgaiy avatar
    Member Joined 12y
    2,825 points Ranked 1667th
    I actually feel the surf is a tad bit easier then amplitude_light. Nonetheless it's a great surf map. The jail is good as always (credits to FAJ).

    Cons: Once you finish it 10 million times, it gets old, and you have to rely on "nading" noobs in jail for fun.

    Otherwise, as stated, it's a high quality/fun to surf... surf map!


    Teach by Example
  • 10y
    EGISl4sh3r avatar
    EGISl4sh3r Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    Pros: Every step of the map is harder then the last. Eventually I got it down but I still love it
    watch my vid of this map and 3 others at


  • 10y
    frizzlehead9 avatar
    Member Joined 11y
    226 points Ranked 16697th
    This map is so fun. all of your maps are fun. keep making them.


    Bananite avatar
  • 10y
    Aes avatar
    Aes Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    Is nifty. I think jails are getting a little complex for some of our less intelligent brethren, though. I often see people attempt to jump across the spikes during jumprope. Every round.
    A kitty
  • 10y
    BuckNasty avatar
    BuckNasty Offline
    Member Joined 12y
    6,352 points Ranked 717th
    Maybe a surf_amplitude_finale in the future, but don't expect it 'til late November or early December.
    Surf Shack:
  • 10y
    Seizure avatar
    Seizure Offline
    Member Joined 11y
    223 points Ranked 16888th

    Surf isn't boring to pros like the previous amp.
    Cons: Multiple jail platforms exploding at once overload older soundcards (and glitch newer ones, such as the ghost mic bug) and may force a kick.
    Improvements: Allow the winner to participate in the jailkill minigames.

    Add a timer to the other minigames, for highscore purposes.
    Notes: Current jumprope record is 35? Correct me somebody.

    Jail buttons (from left)

    1. Jumprope
    2. Wall crush
    3. Give yourself m249
    4. Hop/crouch spinner
    5. Hammers


  • 10y
    Amplitude = Best surf maps ever. Congrats. PLEASE! PLEASE! Make us some more like this
  • 10y
    pickles avatar
    pickles Offline
    Member Joined 11y
    Great job, I loved the last one. I wish people would start making more difficult surf maps.


    join the fpsb servers avatar
    join the fpsb servers
  • 10y
    FAJ avatar
    FAJ Offline
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    Buck did a really nice job on the surf. A great map to go out on ;).

    As for afkers, there is a push at spawn that sends them to jail over time.

    The jail timer is 35 seconds, with a grenade spawning every 7. It is a bit of a trade off; if the other team is bad, then you have the oppurtunity to beat the map without having the entire other team die, and have a good number of people for the ending levers. but, if you fail, it is a garunteed death. If you are lucky you will get the chance to throw a nade or two and get lots of kills on the noobier team.


    The FAJ
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