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Thank you for downloading the 2nd beta release of csp_nuke and csp_dust2. Beta 2 versions of csp_train and csp_inferno will be available in the coming weeks. The 2nd CSP map beta release is significantly different from the first in several key ways. First and foremost, we have completely redesigned the maps visually, under the lead of staff mapper Ted "Cashed" McIlwain. We believe this release does a good job of keeping FPS relatively low while also showing off what the Source engine is capable of graphically. Additionally, we have fixed all of the bugs reported to us in the CSP forums. You'll find that both of these maps, in terms of gameplay, are very close to their 1.6 counterparts. Well-known and loved aspects of the maps, like the middle pick on dust2, and the squeaky door on nuke, have been ported flawlessly in these new versions. With that said, there are some differences. While in the first beta release, we enlarged boxes to match Source model height, we decided to take a different route in this release, and re-shrink the boxes to their original sizes. The reason for this is the following: in the transition from 1.6 to Source, Valve (or, more appropriately, Turtle Rock) kept box sizes, for the most part, exactly the same. So, for example, box sizes in 1.6 de_dust2 are largely the same as in Source de_dust2, resulting in some new jumps and positions that previously either weren't possible, or required boosting. Since the maps in this release are meant to be played on Counter-Strike: Source, and are not meant to be played on the CSP mod itself (which will be released later on), we decided to keep the box sizes at their original dimensions, and therefore preserve a limited amount of Source gameplay. We believe that, this way, the maps are a perfect combination of 1.6 and Source gameplay. You'll also find that there are some 1.6 gameplay aspects of the maps that we have kept, but slightly changed. A good example of this is the high boost on csp_dust2_b2, which is possible just as it was in CS 1.6, but now also requires a few strafe jumps to get to. I believe the only piece of 1.6 gameplay we decided to exclude was the high red rock jump on csp_nuke_b2 (the lower red rock jump, from the roof, is still possible and difficult). If you have any comments, suggestions, or bug reports, please leave them on the designated threads at Alex Garfield Executive Director CSPromod ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation Instructions: 1. Extract the "cstrike" folder in this RAR file to your "Steam\SteamApps\[e-mail@domain]\Counter-Strike Source" directory 2. Click "Yes to All" 3. Enjoy better gameplay in your Source maps :)




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