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A Map for Dystopia

Backstory: With the growth of corporations, those not of the same mind-think have been found and 'reprocessed' with relative ease. Noticing this, the punk groups started funding the (partially) underwater city of Atlantis as their base of operations. After 'The Lost Goat Incident' the city severed all city defence links to the cyber-seagrid. Now all major punk coaliation attacks are planned and funded through Atlantis. Realizing this, the corporations have funded an operation to infiltrate the cities main core. A corp sub has docked with an Atlantis guardpost to steal the cities access codes. The outpost's core is only accessible via the ocean. (Note: Just looked at the wiki to see if there's any corps at sea who should be attacking... and noted that someone already has Atlantis as a 'semi-punk' city. Someone slap me if they are developing an Atlantis map as well) Objectives a. Open dock. (not an actual objective, just gives hack points) As the punks were alerted to the sub docking, the dock has been locked down. The corps must use a submersible ROV to open the dock. The water is too poisonous and corrosive for even heavies to enter. 1. Route Power to Core Access The punks have blocked access to the core from inside the facility. Corps fight to generator and hack power for the core access hatch. 2. Open Outpost Core Access The corps fight to the core control room and hack the core access hatch open. 3. Access Outpost Core Using their submersible, the corps enter into the core room and download the codes through the submersible. The punks can shoot the ROV as this is happening to prevent them from getting the codes. 4. Using downloaded codes, corps hack open gates to Atlantis. After gates, 30 sec countdown, then sub closes dock doors and undocks. Corps leave the doors on the outpost side open. Outpost floods, anyone left in it dies. Sub makes 1 minute journey to Atlantis, and dock at main city. [Spawns move] [Punks now spawn in Atlantis] [Corps spawn in sub which is now docked at Atlantis] 5. Corps must fight to and hack main city core.



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