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Half-Life World V1 (hang-out map) - A Map for Half-Life


Fixed a thing (I hope) 6d
  • Tweak Something with the textures
There was a problem when someone downloaded my map for the first time. It wouldn't load because it said it was missing a texture file called "club.wad". So I went into the map and made sure to have everything have default HL1 textures, then posted the files of the fixed map here as "" in the download section. But if this issue continues then I have included the club.wad file in the fixed .zip. The club.wad was made by me 'cuz I was making a club map, and then I lost interest in it. I did reuse the club textures for my cringe-ish YT channel trailer that I've made a while ago using Go-mod (Gmod but HL1) and my rad HL1 modding skillz (I mostly do Quake 1 stuff on YT now but yeah). Here's the link to my YT channel trailer if you guys are interested

Despite this being a map for deathmatch, it's actually a hang-out map for ur pals n' stuff

Hi, this is the first thing I've ever posted to this site! Now is this well optimized? Probably not, I suck in that department of HL1 map making. Is there bugs? The only one that comes to mind is this smol group of skylights that have broke transparent faces but other than that it's a pretty solid map I think. This map is supposed to be a hang-out map, but I won't mind it if people customized it to have weapons for traditional deathmatch, I already done half the work by making the windows and some other things func_breakables. Just don't name it as version 2, because I plan to use that name for an updated version of this map in the future. I would have done more for the outside, but the compile time is already very long on my low end laptop.


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