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Fairer Stage Tweaks - A Map for Sonic Mania


Version 2.0 6d
  • Addition Added tweaked stage layouts for Titanic Monarch Acts 1 and 2
  • Addition Mod renamed and expanded to accompass aditional stage tweaks
The next update will address Flying Battery Zones magnetic crusher-platforms due to their lack of telegraphing and insta-kill potential
This mod makes multiple small changes to both acts of Stardust Speedway and Titanic Monarch in order to create a fairer, funner gameplay experience.

Stardust Speedway is great, save for two stage hazards: the spike balls and the Hotaru Badniks. Both are unnecessarily random and/or pace breaking; you only know the spike ball launchers aren't safe to pass by as soon as they're able to hurt you, which can be irritating when traveling at speed or if you're slightly slower than you think is safe. Likewise, the Hotarus are only vulnerable when they launch their attack, which can follow you to awkward locations and halt your progress for a few seconds.

Likewise, in Titanic Monarch, the vertically-moving floor sections in Act 1 and Act 2 have had any spikes capable of crushing the player removed, in order to combat Sonic Mania's infamously sensitive crush hitboxes. In addition, there has been a horizontal bar added in the vertical passage leading to a Special Ring in Mania Mode, allowing Sonic and Mighty access to it. Finally, there are full walls added to both sides of the Crimson Eye boss room at the end of Act 1. These climbable walls make the fight much fairer for Knuckles, who previously required near-pixel perfect jumping to hit the boss.

As this mod only affects stage layout, it is compatible with any palette changing mods, such as Colorful Encore, and other mods that retain the same general layout as the base level. Furthermore, if you don't like the changes made to certain Acts or Zones, you can simply delete the corresponding Stage folder.

Let me know if anything isn't working, and enjoy!
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