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ze_oot_shadowtemple - A Map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive



 Link Vs. Bongo Bongo by Josh Rivers | Legend of zelda, Zelda ...

"Shadow Temple... Here is gathered Hyrule's bloody history of greed and hatred..."

Shadow temple has been a map that I have always wanted to do since I started mapping. Ever since I released my first map Sky Temples I have wanted to make Shadow Temple. Not until 2018 did I start working on this map with Moltard. We extracted all the models and materials from the original game and built it room by room and brick by brick. Everything in this map is identical to the temple in the original game "Zelda Ocarina Of Time". After all the brushwork was done I started on all the entity work which took me almost two years. The only reason it took me so long was that I started my job and couldn't find the time to finish the map. However recently I was able to find the time and I finally finished the map. I hope you enjoy this map as I and Moltard put a lot of hard work into it. Currently, it is in beta. Once this version has been played enough and there are no issues I will compile a final version.

Shadow Temple History:

The Shadow Temple is one of five major temples in Hyrule that was constructed to house five of the Seven Sages. It is generally believed that the Shadow Folk, the Sheikahs, built the temple for purposes unknown. The temple lies at the back of Kakariko Graveyard in the shadow of Death Mountain. Very little of the temple is above ground, and as such, it is often referred to as the "House of the Dead". When the Phantom Shadow Beast, Bongo Bongo, breaks free from his prison at the bottom of the Well of Three Features in Kakariko Village where he was sealed years before by Impa, it retreats to a large chamber in the recesses of the Shadow Temple. Impa then goes to the temple in an attempt to seal away Bongo Bongo again. At the very bottom of the temple, Link must face Bongo Bongo with the help of the Lens of Truth, the Fairy Bow, and Master Sword. Upon its defeat, the Shadow Temple is cleansed of evil and Impa awakens as the Sage of Shadow.

Map Details:

1 stage
64 player spawn
Dins Fire Item
Fairy Item
Lens Of Truth Item
3 boss fights
Stalfos NPCs
Redead NPCs
Gibdo NPCs
Traps and Platforming
Original Music and Sound Effects
Original Textures and Models
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    There is a missing texture for a particle effect,

    C_OP_RenderSprites::RenderUnsorted: Attempting to use an unimplemented sprite renderer for system "custom_particle_010"!

    It appears to be the only thing that may be off. I'm not sure if it was a cause of client crashing as well on round starts as it originates from there. You should perhaps look into it. As it's not visible, maybe it's not even worthwhile?
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    Your screenshots..................... 
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