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Hell in time v2.1 - Doom 3

A Map for Doom 3


Hell in time v2.1 20d
  • Adjustment Betered Shaders, was too bright !
  • BugFix Fixed weapon shotgun, now has more knockback !
  • BugFix Fixed shotgun double, was too powerful the damage !
Hell in time v2.0 1mo Feature3
Author data:
Name: Juan Daniel 'Papamonos' Alcobre

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Project Information:
Name: "Hell in Time"
Game: Doom 3
Version needed: 1.3.1
Estyle: Single Player
Number of levels: 10
Difficulty Settings: yes
New textures: yes
New sounds: yes
New music: yes
New models: yes
New monsters: yes
New items: yes
New weapons: yes (super shotgun from Resurrection of Evil)
New PDA's: yes
Other new features: yes

Majority of textures, 3D models, monsters and other new features are from my own (a lot of they are just modifications from original
game). Others have been imported from web and sources as:

-Doom HRP: textures.
-'Revility Monsters Pack' (Ruiner Mod): Baron of Hell demon
-'Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil': Forgotten demon and Super Shotgun.
-Doom and Doom 2 (PC version): Monsters sounds.
-Doom and Duke Nukem 3D (PlayStation versions): music.
-'Classic Doom Mod': new features (Health Bonus, Mega Armour, weapons and items variations...)

Special thanks to "Marckman" for his PDA's texts english revision.

Game Installation (PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO STEPS 3 AND 4!!!):
1º Unzip 'hit' folder (from 'hit.rar' file) into main game folder ('Doom3'). Now, you must have 'Doom3/hit' folder.
2º Make a backup of 'gamex86.dll' file installed into 'Doom3' and/or 'Doom3/base' folders (if this exists). You could restore them
when finish to play Hell in Time.
3º Copy 'gamex86.dll' from 'hit.rar' file into 'Doom3' and 'Doom 3/Base' (VERY IMPORTANT!!).
4º Run game and select 'hit' from 'Mod' menu.
5º Now, start a new game with desired difficulty. I recommend 'MARINE' mode (medium), and if you want a more intense game experience,
try to play it in 'VETERAN' mode (hard).

The argument:
12th July, year 2042. You're a member of security staff of UAC base at Arizona(USA), where scientists have tried an experimental time
machine. Their tests have end with terrible accidents and some death. After a hard working day helping to stablish the order, you
rest in your bed. But them, you wake up by a lot of screams, weapons shots and terrible sounds from unknown origin beyond the room
door. Then, you take your PDA and pistol to go out...

You must to travel along different places through the time, as an Mayan temple, Egyptian pyramid and a medieval castle, including the
same Hell. Your objective is to find and close worm holes that demons have used to travel in time before they get to bring the
Apocalypse to the past, and change the Humanity Fate with slave, pain and death.

Secrets are an important piece of the game, specially for 'MARINE' and 'VETERAN' modes. Health and armour bonus, as mega armour and
Mega Sphere are hidden. Also, you will find a lot of extra ammo and weapons to kill your enemies. Maps are plenty of secrets, I will
try to help you with this guide:

-A lot of secrets are open by activators, hidden behind scenery elements. if you see an strange object, try to approach to this and
an activator GUI will show. Remember that normally they are not visible, hidden behind columns or under bridges.

-Some doors are opened by shots or firsts. Pay attention to suspicious walls and try to shoot your pistol.
-Other walls are opened by shooting other elements from scenery, located in higher places or hidden corners.
-You also could step floor areas lighted by light spots, and a far door will open temporarily.
-Other secrets can be gained by climbing hidden ladders, jumping into blocks or entering into dark areas.

"Classic Doom Mod":
-No weapons reload, excerpt BFG.
-Added Baron of Hell demon.
-Added Armour Helmet (DOOM/DOOM2) replacing Armour Shard from Doom 3 (+1, to 200 points of armour)*
-Added Health Vial (DOOM/DOOM2) (+1, to 200 points of health).
-Added Mega Armour (200 points of armour)
-Added Mega Sphere (200 points of health)
*Health and armour bonus items are hidden in secrets.

Doom 3: resurrection of Evil addons
-Forgotten Demon (Lost Soul classic from Doom 2).
-Added Super Shotgun weapon.

Exclusive Hell in Time features:
-10 playable levels. Each difficulty mode have more monsters and less health items.
-A lot of secret areas, as Doom and Doom 2 games.
-New and modified textures.
-New 3D Models.
-New inventory items.
-New custom GUI's.
-Added the Skull Keys (Doom/Doom 2)
-New and modified monsters.
-Player speed increased (walk, run and crouch).
-'no_stamina' property set as 1 for all levels (player doesn't tires).
-Added music from Doom and Duke Nukem 3D PlayStation versions.
-Added monsters sounds from Doom 2 PC version.
-Ammo weapons limit changed, similar to Doom/Doom 2 games.
-Ammo given by items changed for difficulty balance.
-Pistol, machine gun and chain gun use same ammo (bullets) as Doom and Doom 2.
-Plasma rifle and BFG use same ammo (energy cells) as Doom and Doom 2.
-Flash light removed (replaced by super shotgun)
-Shotgun weapon and zombie shotgun Spreads decreased (similar to doom and doom 2). Now you can cause more damage from medium
and far distances, but they have same advantage.

-Health and damage monsters increased or decreased (depending the monster).
-Some monsters range attack have been decreased. Now they will approach to player instead shoot him constantly.
-All monsters will fight with other kinds if one of they damages the other.
-Shotgun auto reload speed increased, similar to Doom and Doom 2.
-Imp shoot through the mouth, as Doom and Doom 2. Now their attacks are less predictable.
-Zombies and corpses do not "disintegrate" when they are shot by stronger weapons (as a rocket).
-Added new monster sight action: they sight and run to player at same time when see him.


  • hit_plus_mod_v21.rar 20d insert_drive_file requires Doom 3 v1.3.1 or higher !
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Dafama2k7 Joined 8y ago
Doom Marine
9,710 points Ranked 678th
24 medals 1 legendary 5 rare
  • Submitted 50 Gamefiles Medal icon
  • Submitted 20 Gamefiles Medal icon
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