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Pray for pain v2.1 - Doom 3

A Map for Doom 3


Pray for pain v2.1 20d
  • Adjustment Betered Shaders, was too bright !
  • BugFix Fixed weapon shotgun, now has more knockback !
  • BugFix Fixed shotgun double, was too powerful the damage !
Pray for pain v2.0 1mo Feature3
Project General Info:

Name: "Pray for Pain"
Game: Doom 3
Game Version: 1.3.1
Game Style: Single Player

Author info:
Name: Juan Daniel 'Papamonos' Alcobre

Other maps from the author (availables from website):
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Doom 2:

-Military Outpost (Single Player)
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Doom 3:

-Down To Hell (two Single Player Maps Mini-episode)

Project Detailed info:

Levels: 7 (secret level included)
New textures: yes
New sounds: yes
New music: yes (from the Doom PlayStation PSX version)
New models: yes
New demons: yes
New items: yes
New weapons: No
New PDA's: yes (sorry, only spanish)
Monster modifications (.def / .script): yes
Items modifications (.def / .script): yes
Weapons modifications (.def / .script): yes
Source Code modifications (game86.dll): yes

Map editor used: DoomEdit
Other software used: PhotoShop, Irfanview, Microsoft Paint, 3dStudio Max 6, GMax, Microsot Visual C Express Edition, ACE-HIGH Converter,
Winrar (for PK4 file)


Special gratitudes to 'Revility' ( by 'Doom Demon Expansion Pack'.
Also to Brian Wiener ( by 'Classic Cyberdemon', and Classic Doom developments by Invisible Pinkie, weapons and items.

Other gratitudes in the EndGame Credits, includying 3D Realms and own ID Team.

Hardware Computer Specifications used for Project development:

Intel Pentium Dual Core 2 E6600 2,2 GHZ
2/3 GB RAM
GPU: NVidia GForce 8800 GT / ATI Radeon HD 4850

Graphic Details configuration for tests to 60 FPS average:

Ultra quality
1280 x 1024 screen resolution
Shadows, hight quality effects, specular, highlight level and vertical sync activated.
Smooth deactivated.

Note: secret level could cause low framete. To avoid this, simply try to turn shadows off along this level.


First, make a backup from original 'game86.dll' at main Doom 3 directory. Then, unzip 'pray.rar' at 'Doom 3/base' dir, and move 'game86.dll' file
at main dir (don't forget to make the backup!!). You should have 'pray.pk4' file, newpdas and String directories at 'base' dir.

Now, play the game, open the console and type 'map game/evil' (medium dificult setting by default) and enjoy!!


2011/11/19 Tarragona, Spain

UAC actually are studying the posibility to install a research facility at Mars planet, cause NASA and ESA technologies advances have managed to
realice a crew team space trip to this planet. Now the corporation have installed a Toxic waste Facility at Tarragona to unknown Nuclear researchs, and
this have caused nation civil disturbances against the company. Even though, company follows their plains explaining that their one interest is research
for new ecologic and renewable energy sources.

2012/12/21 Tarragona, Spain

An incident has caused the wrath along Spain: a fourth part of Fuente Real colony (nearest the new UAC Installation) have dissapear. The rest, are dead.
Spain civilians accuse to the UAC for use drinkable water sistems to their experiments, and to the covern for allow this. Several people turn disturbes and violence in the streets, while UAC stablished quarantine and sent all security personal (you included) to avoid civil invasion or personal leaving from the facility.

But not all people accuse UAC: some minority talks about an old Psyquiatric Hospital of the same area, closed years ago acussed for bad treats and occult rites with patients. They say that activity never have finished totally, and now a hell invasion has started from the depths of the building. If this don't stop yet, end of humanity will be inevitable.

New fatures:


-New textures added (from JDOOM and DUKE NUKEM 3D HRP)
-New sky added (from DUKE NUKEM HRP)
-New 3D Models added (from DUKE NUKEM HRP)
-New music added to levels, menu and game end (from DOOM/DOOM2 PLAYSTATION version)
-Secrets added as old DOOM.

Player habilities:

-Jump higher.
-Player don't tire when run (from CLASSIC DOOM)

Weapons and items:

-Weapons don't need to recharge (from CLASSIC DOOM) except the BFG.
-Machinegun and chaingun use same munition.
-Plasma rifle and BFG use same munition.
-Ammunition and weapons damage modified for all weapons, except Plasma rifle and BFG, using same 600 ammunition.
-BFG fire modified. Now cause less damage, but max power fire has been increased from 4 to 50.
-CLASSIC DOOM 'health bonus', 'armor bonus' and 'superarmor' added.
-'Spin' property (as berserker) have been added to Pickup weapon models and some items.


-New monsters added (by 'REVILITY'): Baron of Hell, Nightmare Imp and Pain Elemental, and a new Lost Soul version.
-New own HellKnight version added ( from Baron of Hell model and texture) less Strength that Baron (as old DOOM)
-Invisible Pinkie added (CLASSIC DOOM)
-Classic Cyberdemon added (by Brian Wiener): now can be killed by normal weapons.
-Strengh and damage modified for all monsters (new monsters included)
-'team' property for all monsters added: now they can fight between different monsters.

Author notes:
You can find several secrets along the maps, (a secret map included) as classic Doom Style. Look for them!!


  • prayforpain_plus_mod_v21.rar 20d insert_drive_file requires Doom 3 v1.3.1 or higher !
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Juan Daniel 'Papamonos' Alcobre
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Dafama2k7 Joined 8y ago
Doom Marine
9,710 points Ranked 678th
24 medals 1 legendary 5 rare
  • Submitted 50 Gamefiles Medal icon
  • Submitted 20 Gamefiles Medal icon
  • Became a Game Pioneer Medal icon
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