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[TF2C / OF] tdm_skate_b2

A Map for Team Fortress 2 Classic


tdm_skate_b2 - Lighting Overhaul & More Fixes! 4d
  • Overhaul Recompiled the map with Open Fortress' own lighting settings - hopefully the map looks closer to how it does in OF proper!
  • Addition Enabled no-respawn-time and bunnyhopping by default when you play on one of these TDM maps! Happy fragging!
  • Addition Added a short, pre-round timer countdown, and synced the music starting with it
  • Tweak Changed the point limit from 125 to 75 after numerous suggestions to lower it! Hopefully this plays better.
  • Tweak Optimized the navmesh slightly so TFBots hopefully get stuck less!
  • BugFix Fixed the class-select music to be a bit more consistent when looping
  • Amendment Skate: Raised the playerclips up significantly so that players can explosive jump without bonking their head on the Skybox!
  • Amendment Tweaked the physics of a few skateboards and bottles that were spewing errors in console
  • BugFix 1/14/21 - Quickly fixed up the .CFG files to include some removed strings

Worlds Collide - Electric Boogaloo: Part II!

This map is a derivation of "DM_Skate" - a map from the sourcemod Open Fortress! I implore you to play it, and check out the original! That said, this is a Team Deathmatch map for Team Fortress 2 Classic

I am in no way affiliated with the Open Fortress team! I just make stuff for fun, man!

Hello again! It's been a hot minute, eh?

I'm sure you're all familiar with my previous map port - DM_Wiseau from Open Fortress. This is very much more of the same! A lot of what I said still applies - this is a port of DM_Skate, also from the sourcemod Open Fortress!

DM_Skate was a map made by the talented mappers Hex and Bakscratch, with all sorts of other assets such as props and decals made by the rest of OF team! It's a fancy city skate-park, and it caught my eye, so I wanted to port it over! However, that's all this is! Much, if not almost all of the credit still goes largely to them - so please direct it at them!

Much like TDM_Wiseau, this is a similar map rework, and the brunt of the changes go something like this..!

-Converted the map to 4-Team Deathmatch! Teams get points by getting kills. 125 kills to win!
-Added more spawn points for all teams (who still spawn randomly around the map, just like OF!)
-Revised a new Nav Mesh for TFBots! They will attempt to use jump-pads and always succeed half of the time!

-Implemented or closely implemented a lot of entities to replicate native OF-Features, like the music, overheal pills, and jump pads!
-For features that were more strange to port over, replaced them with simpler variants, like powerups and weapon spawners
-Added some "NPCs" in inaccessable areas to liven up the map!

They say a little can go a long ways. While I don't generally like to think I do much with these maps - I can't deny that it's quite pain-staking fixing all the entities and other bugs that creep in as a result of porting these maps from another game entirely!

In any case, given the nature of these, it's difficult to say how it'll play with y'all. Please keep me updated on how it works and runs!

As with before, should it be requested, I'll take this down if it's requested by OF Team or otherwise. In all honesty, I mainly make these ports for myself - to watch TFBots fight, and generally want to share these experiences with y'all! But, I understand it can be some tricky ground, so if it'd requested, these will go down..!


Alternate File Sources

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    Aww yeahh, this looks great! I'll give it a go with the bots at once! Awesome job, my friend! You did well!
    Bad Ideas, Great Executions
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Original Authors
Open Fortress Team
Creators of DM_Skate and related assets used in the map!
Hex Joined 11y ago
Original Mapper / Creator of DM_Skate
Bakscratch Joined 11y ago
860 points Ranked 42,797th
8 medals 1 legendary 1 rare
  • 10 years a member Medal icon
  • 6 years a member Medal icon
  • Submitted 5 Maps Medal icon
  • One month a member Medal icon
  • 6 months a member Medal icon
  • 1 year a member Medal icon
Original Mapper / Creator of DM_Skate
2P (Thoopje)
Music Artist of "DM_Skate' - the music track that plays on the namesake map!
Valve / TF Team
Creation / Sources of some assets used in DM_Skate
Map Porter / Editor
Ported most of the assets over from OF & Live TF2, and re-tooled and re-worked a large amount of the map's entities to work in TF2C
Special Thanks
TF2C Discord
Provided assistance, feedback, and anecdotes on the porting of the map


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