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A Map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


ze_toy_world_final 17d
  • BugFix Fixed the zombies not teleporting in the STAGE2
This version is the final version. If there are no fatal bugs, no further updates will be made
ze_toy_world_fix_r4 19d BugFix5 Feature Suggestion


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    many of the previous bugs are still present in ze_toy_world_final.

    lv2_hold4_wall is toggled with an output that isn't set to "only once", which means if two players touch the trigger in the same frame, it will toggle off and on, blocking further progress. simply using trigger_once is NOT a solution for this. you need to set the individual outputs to "only once".

    there is a crouch path behind some boxes near lv2_hold7_break that allows you to skip the hold entirely. given how aggressive the zombie teleports are, this can probably be used to get your entire team killed.

    all 4 func_tracktrains in the map can still be manually controlled by looking at them, pressing E and moving either forward or backwards. tick the "no user control" flag to fix this.

    another minor issue is that the console message from book_path1 can be triggered repeatedly, which doesn't break anything but can still be annoying for players.
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    Very cool map! There's a lot of tiny issues that kind of make it come to a grinding halt though.

    1.) setpos -4605.464355 9420.059570 9065.560547;setang 45.023022 81.716934 0.000000

    The teleport area here is barely at the start and a bit too much 'in your face'. It's the first level and players are normally not aware of what's to come. There should be a bit of a breather with the teleport delayed by a few seconds. On top of that, the house to the left of the area is teleport free. So players unknowingly can just sit there for nothing to happen.

    2.) Lack of a buy zone. You should add one for all teams for the appropriate places where players should buy from.

    3.) More teleport destinations for 'spawn'. This can lag on the client side and cause lag on the server for just one teleport. It's fairly messy in the way it's set up currently.

    4.) Players complained of areas being confusing, lack of navigation and 'invisible walls'. Perhaps you could stick a few entities around with the texture tools/wrongway so it's a bit more clear and obvious it's a place that's inaccessible.

    5.) Music seems to be a tad loud. While servers can probably offer a way to change volume in a map, you should have your music, sound effects, etc. to a desirable volume that isn't unpleasant to the ears.

    6.) func_tracktrains, all of them seem to be controllable. This is problematic on the second level with the boat where players can 'drive' it backwards and forwards (by pressing E and W / S). This is even worse as during that stage it can trigger outputs multiple times that are NOT 'Only Once', such as the func_wall_toggle doing Toggle repeatedly, blocking and unblocking the area to progress.

    7.) Like the above with tracktrains, there are multiple trigger_once, in particular the hold before it up the ladder can fire twice or more if more than one player enters it. All outputs should be 'Only Once', no matter what.

    8.) If func_wall_toggles for the above are used only once and never again, you can safely 'Kill' them appropriately. It is not a permanent entity and it will act normal in rounds after.

    Looking forward to playing your map again and I hope you fix it up! 
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