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Midnight Summit

A Map for Celeste


Censored Versions 1mo
  • Addition DM for a version with the censored endscreen
  • Addition Adding a fully censored version

My entry for the 2020 October Map Making Contest. Now contains a censored version!

CONTENT WARNING: This map contains a depiction of suicide and mild gore.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: There is now a censored version of the map is now available for download. It will be the one labeled as "censored version." 

Even after conquering Celeste Mountain multiple times, her depression continues to weigh down on her and Badeline continues to haunt her. Madeline returns to Mountain one more time in hopes of finally putting an end to it.

At the moment I don't have the version where the endscreen is removed on gamebanana. If you want that censor, you could either DM on Discord and I can send you a file with the censor or you can manually remove the image in Graphics>Atlases>Endscreens.

This minimap was made for the 2020 October Map Making Contest.


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    Flaoc Joined 26d ago
    26d 26d
    well i went and got the golden strawberry for this so i wanted to point out some jank. but before i do that i will say the badeline chase music is nice and it looked like you made it yourself. any plans to release it?  anyways most of the "jank" is in the 2nd chase screen. well to start off the initial bumper is just a tad too high requiring a "pixel perfect" height coming out of extended hyper to just barely reach it. if it was lowered a pixel or 2 it would be more consistent in getting the correct bounce to the seeker. the seeker after the bumper can choose to back up and you just die. it can also back up when coming back down from the coin and you just die. pretty sure this has to do with the  incredibly strict bumper before it allowing the seeker to be hopped on in a spot that pushes it too far back. even worse than either those is on the way back down from the coin the seeker can just choose to stay on the bottom and you just die.   very 1st screen sometimes the seeker doesnt go high enough but thats probably vanilla seeker pathing being dumb as usual. 
    1st chase screen the ending seeker is just rng.. it either sees you early (which feels intended) and you get the perfect amount of height for the bumper or more often than not it doesnt and you either barely make it high enough on the bumper to go in the correct direction or just get flung into the spinners.  rest of the map feels fine. the starting section of the last screen feels weird and inconsistent but there was a good chance i was doing it wrong.
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