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A Map for Celeste

A Celeste mod by Donker19

After 2 months of hard work, help/support from friends, and a lot of jelly tech, Solaris is finally complete! I put a lot of effort into this, and I hope you enjoy it.

You can do this!

What's included in this mod?
  • 1 Chapter
  • 65+ Rooms
  • 16 Berries
  • 7 Subchapters
  • Custom Mechanics
  • A new story
  • Multiple Secrets
  • Too many entity resprites
  • 1 Sunberry
And so much more!
The difficulty for this map is probably early advanced to late expert levels later on.
Untaught required tech:
Wavedashes, Reverse wavedashes, Wallbounces, Controlling jelly falling speed
Taught required Tech:
Jellyvators and Neutrals

There is a known issue with Prideline and the triple dash refill mechanic from More Dasheline, so you may want to disable Prideline if you experience crashes.

Disclaimer: The story for this mod can get pretty heavy at some points. Suicide is not a joke, and is never the answer. Please seek help if you have feelings like this.
Nebula (The artist for the end screen and cover art)'s twitter:

Shoutouts to Chase_333 and Indecx for being the first people to solve the puzzle!
Song Credits:

Jellyvator Tutorial:
Checkpoint 1:
Checkpoint 2:
Checkpoint 3:
Checkpoints 4-5:
Checkpoint 6/Final Screen:


Dependencies and prerequisites required to use this Map


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  • sextusdecimus avatar
    sextusdecimus Joined 20hr ago
    The only thing I'll be spoiling is the entirety of the gameplay and one secret. I haven't spoiled the story if you're interested in that.

    Story-wise: Good idea, poor execution. In fact, very poor execution. The dialogues don't fit. I couldn't read half the dialogues without rolling my eyes to the back of my head. But we're not here for the story anyways, so I get what the map wants to convey and its good.

    Visuals: New visuals for berries and doors and switches, all of which look cool and overall the map is a work of art. I always enjoy custom end screen artwork and this map scratches that itch along with a lot of other ones. That is the reason why I stayed with this map as much as I did.

    Gameplay: This is the reason why we're all here. The map started off showing so much potential. The introduction of triple dashes fit seamlessly into the map design and did not feel out of place at all. Some screen were hard but the difficulty was manageable and very fair. Then the juggling jellyfish part was introduced and I spent one hour on that small screen with two jellyfishes but it, nonetheless, worked quite well after I figured out it was I who was being a dumbass. Then after a few screens I was juggling multiple jellyfishes and it all seemed to fit quite nicely.

    The mirror temple segment, though not my favorite, was okay. Forced fast bubbling is unnecessary in that section. I skipped the dashless berry in one screen because screw stamina puzzles. One specific screen in the mirror temple with the seed berry is pure jank because of the first seed. There's not enough space to jellyvator to it directly. If you're expecting the player to do two rounds for that one seed, it becomes very frustrating. I have seen a few updates being pushed since the release of the map and if it has been fixed then this point is obsolete.

    Rhythm block section is good. No major problems.

    The Last Checkpoint: There are so many good and equally bad things about this checkpoint that I started hating it. Until now, the jellyfish juggling was working perfectly and it still works if it wasn't for some of the most annoying ass placement of jellyfish barriers. There are jellyfish barriers INSIDE spikes which makes the jelly disappear if I am a couple of frames off in going through it. I realize the barriers are visual cues to help me throw the jellyfish but I am sure there are better ways to give the player cues to throw the jellyfish instead of just outright punishing them for being anything less than perfect.

    This problem of demanding perfection from the players is a recurring problem in the last checkpoint especially in the final screen. The second to last heart screen was a piece of art where every jellyvator and every coin was masterfully placed. Even if it took me around a hundred tries, I enjoyed every bit of it. I cannot say the same for the last screen. The last screen is a good 3-4 minute screen of intense platforming combining elements from all over the map. It has jellyfish juggling, the zipper jellyfish stall, the fast bubbling, badeline jellyfish boost, and basic stuff such as hyperdashing in the jellyfish to gain momentum, neutrals with upwards wind. After all clearing all of this and reaching the electricity box, it follows the basic farewell route. Go right for the end, go left for the sunberry. If you go right, you need a perfect diagonal dash combined with three jellyvators after every badeline boost. This is just bullshit trash. After four minutes of intense platforming, you do not have to add anything more to stuff your screen with artificial difficulty. It should be a sigh of relief that yes I have cleared this map. At least, in my opinion, the jellyvators should not exist in that final moment, and if they do, they must allow for some leniency. Because of after days of mastering the final screen and around a thousand attempts (sorry I am bad at this game), I felt cheated when I had to use assist mode at the final moment.

    Conclusion:  If it was a basic farewell themed map, I would've given up as soon as the jellyfish juggling part was introduced. Visuals made me stay and I enjoyed the visuals. Soundtrack was a banger too. Gameplay has problems but it can be redeemed with a lot of changes. I recommend playing this map and if the final checkpoint gets too hard, just drop it. Being not so good at the game, I completed this map with 3.5k deaths in 3 days with majority of the deaths in the final cp. For comparison, lennygold completed it with 420 deaths and iamdadbod completed it with around 900.

    P.S- I know this map was for free and I am not shitting on the map, this is just constructive criticism please take it as so.

    URL to post:
  • s-noells avatar
    s-noells Joined 3mo ago
    474 points Ranked 47,064th
    Upfront for anyone who hasn't played the mod and is reading this, I'm spoiling the entire thing in this comment.

    I really enjoyed this mod. I like the music and how this looks like an upped version of Chapter 9. The mod is really pretty. I like oranges and warm colors being used. Also I think it's cute and makes sense with the subject matter that you replaced the bird in the level intro with a phoenix. I also like how this mod tries to have a story and cover serious subject matter, similar to the original game: something not a lot of mods do and also one of the main things that made me fall in love with the original game. 

    I have a few issues with the mod also:

    1) The difficulty after Madeline decides not to commit suicide is way too high. To the point where I said "screw it" and used assist mode to get past almost all of those screens. The final screen in particular gave me the same reaction as the final screen of chapter 9 where I glanced at it and said no.

    High difficulty in Celeste Mods like this is normally fine, but the mod is trying to tell a story and having a spike like that forced me to either not see the ending of the story or to miss the gameplay.

    2) The story is way too vague. 

    I want to know why Madeline wants to kill herself. I get that she did something to offend her friends and family, but it's never stated what. An explanation as simple as "her depression was especially bad" would have done enough for me. The game itself has two instances implying that Madeline has wrestled with suicide (specifically in Chapter 5 where she suggests "fully giving in" to the temple because she blames herself for Theo getting trapped there and Chapter 9 when she's saying she wants to follow Granny despite her being dead). Also, the level implies that Madeline was considering suicide while the epilogue implies that she already attempted it. 

    The premise of "Madeline wrestles with suicide" as the premise wasn't made clear to me until after the temple section (during the temple section I figured either suicide or self harm, but it wasn't clear which, and there wasn't a distiguisher between "suicidally reckless" and "actively suicidal"). So it jumped out at me (side note: the disclaimer should probably be listed at the top of the page instead of the bottom and made more noticeable because it's easy to miss where it's placed).

    Because I'm unclear on what exactly happened and it takes so long for the mod to make it clear that this is about suicide, the story feels more like you're spouting platitudes than telling and emotional story. 

    3) The transition between the quiet and loud parts of the tracks selected for some of the sections is really noticeable and took me out of the experience.
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  • Wow - this is really a stress test for the mp4 encoder ... and the eyes. But interesting game concept! :)
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  • Can't play this unfortunately.
    The colorful bandage looking object in the 3rd screen crashes my game when I touch it.
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  • Calmcat5 avatar
    Calmcat5 Joined 18d ago
    9d 7d
    Great map so far! Only on cp2; will update later.

    Cp4 update: Oh boy, this could be sad. I hope you spared me Donker, Cats Are Liquid left enough of a hole in my heart.

    Cp5 update: okay plz dont hurt me this is a joke mad x bad confirmed :flusheline:
    Story spoilers up next: So, it seems pretty clear to me that the "thing" Madeline was going to "go through with" was, to put it somewhat lightly, ending it all. But what did she do to "hurt all these people" and why does she feel that she deserves this? (or well, used to) I'm guessing we'll know more in the granny cutscene at the end of the map (used debug)

    One thing before my next update: I found the debug room and am too lazy to figure out the code. Somebody please tell me what it is.
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  • Top 1 mod of all time

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  • Cheese farewell
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Mapper, Spriter, MADE THE MAP.


Donker19 avatar
Donker19 Joined 21d ago
508 points Ranked 46,317th
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