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dr_nostalgia_roblox_b1 - A Map for Team Fortress 2


"SE" A3 Update (Removed) 1mo
  • BugFix Fixed the fire not killing BLU on some servers in Simon Says
  • Tweak Shadows now correspond with the angle of the sun
  • Addition Added HDR Lighting
  • Addition you can now select music you want if you BLU (?)
  • Improvement Improved water
"SE" Version made by Cream Tea

this version fixes some bugs in "a3" version, thanks to Cream Tea for fixing my map!

This map removed from download list because major bugs found, sorry Cream Tea.
BETA 1 7mo Addition

Say hello again to old roblox!

1. Please be patient, I'm dealing with redesigning the whole body of the map, but it may take a long time to redesign this map as I have other responsibilities / hobbies.

Also I forget to change map name "dr_nostalgia_roblox_a3" to "dr_nostalgia_roblox_b1" just ignore that.

2. About Map:

You remember the old roblox, right?

There were very good times in the old roblox, everyone was good to each other, there was no real money purchase nonsense, everyone was pretty much the same, there were more shirts and pants, ODer never existed, Admins were good, there were fun and creative games.


The current roblox has evolved now, Better graphics, better games, better and ... actually I have to say worse things. ODers Everywhere, Tix is gone and people are spending real money, Administrators are working worse now, and there are thousands of free robux scams. it made me very sad to see that. I made a TF2 deathrun map about the old roblox. this project was completed in 6 months (or 1 year). I will do more until Hammer reaches the maximun limit.

There are 4 endings on this map: Insta-win, Humilation, 50/50 and Minigames!

I love minigames and keep the map alive more, there are 4 minigames now but there will be 9 one day.

I hope this map reminds you a little of the old roblox (if you know it)

3. Minigames:

Breaking Point: yes this minigame may sound familiar to some people playing roblox, this is one of the games we played in our present time. now you will say to me: "but this game is not of the old roblox of the current roblox!" yes you are right but there were games like this before. I got the name of this game and sent a reference.


RED: The goal of the RED team is to wait for all REDs to survive for 2 minutes and wait for the BLU to hit, and you need some luck.

BLU: The purpose of the BLU is the opposite of the above, it must survive for 2 minutes or wait for all REDs to die.

Simon says: most of you know this game, listening to what Simon is saying and surviving. however, Simon can fool you and fall into his trap. just move on when you hear the word "Simon says" otherwise don't listen to him.

one more thing: after a few rounds, the laser will be used to make the game difficult.

Goals: Survive

Tank Survival: Here's another interesting minigame of mine,

The game, which is formed by the combination of Hide and Seek and the Tank, is 2 times of fun!

The game uses a BLU tank and the RED team should not be killed on its side! There are random boxes on the map and the tank can destroy them in one hit. BLU must kill everyone, or the tank will self-destruct after 2 minutes.


BLU: Kill all RED team before self-destruct.
RED: Survive 2 minutes.

Bullet evasion: and another special minigame, RED stands on the roof of an extremely tall tower, and rockets are coming from an unknown location! RED must be careful and not hit from rockets of unknown origin and must survive for 2 minutes. BLU will only watch.


RED: Survive 2 minutes and don't get hit by rockets.
BLU: Just watch, if RED survives 2 minutes then BLU lose.

I hope you will enjoy my map, have fun.



Dependencies and prerequisites required to use this Map

  1. Deathrun Plugin
  2. Disable weapons (it can broke some minigames)


? ? ? ? ? access_time Jul 24 2021 Fixing Scripts (Motivator Path, Changing Outputs etc.) 95% High Priority Misc. (Easter eggs, features etc.) 1% Complete minigames 25% High Priority
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  • Hi, I love this death run map.  It's one of my favorite newer maps. I think you should do suggestion 3, fix a couple of things about this map then do your next map. IMO, the deathrun part is mostly fine, it's the minigames that have to be fixed. The Bullet Evasion minigame is fine, and it's the most fun, so that doesn't need to be fixed. I have some ideas for fixes

    Minigame fixes: 

    1.  Simon Says Fix: The difficulty needs to accelerate/get harder faster. This minigame takes a bit too much time to finish. It eats up too much map time. Sometimes the map timer will run out and hale auto-wins, even though there might be several red team players left. Not really fair for red team. Also, maybe add a second laser to make it more challenging/fun.

    2.  Tank Survival Fix: Fun minigame, but the tank needs to be buffed somehow. It's only a challenge when we play it just after the map changes, when the tank has some blue team members to help him. Options/ideas for fixing it: 1) Give tank 1 more minute to kill red team.  2) Make tank fire 3 missiles like this   \l/  instead of one missile like this  l   . 3) Make the missiles fire 25-33% faster 4) There are destructible blocks throughout the arena, make it easier for the tank to destroy them by being run over. So the minigame gets more intense faster.

    3. Breaking Point Fix. This is basically Russian Roulette. This is probably the least liked minigame. Hales often killbind during it the most.  The problems are: 1) The constant screen going black thing, most people don't like that. We prefer to see what is going on/see the gun kill people. Remove the screen going black 2) speed up the rate that the gun kills people. At least 50% faster, preferably twice at fast.  The minigame can sometimes take a long time, since 32 players in the server I play on. This is another minigame, like Simon Says, that can eat up a bit too much map time.

    That's it, great map!
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    hello! this map is great. when playing i thought of a vsh/ff2 version of this map. could i use some of the textures and buildings from this map for that map? it would be appreciated.
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