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Cliffside Paradise

A Map for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Disclaimer: this map aims to recreate the island from reddit user u/jayviation. The original post with a video of the island tour can be found here: All credits go to him.


Welcome to Cliffside Paradise! This is a 5 Stars Island with a beautiful scenery intertwined with cliffs and crossed by a large river. Also features: plenty of flowers, a concert plaza, a nicely decorated beach.

I've tried my best to recreate the island from the video posted by the original creator, as accurately as possible. This took me over 100 hours but I finally feel like it is ready for a first release!

You can find a detailed completion list down below, but basically: terraforming is 100% done, some items are missing or do not match the original island _yet_ because I simply didn't find them yet and I refuse to cheat by spawning items :-).

I might release an update at some point, but so far my goal was to make a 1:1 copy, and now I kind of want to deviate from it and make my own changes to make it feel more like my own island.


  • Both Able Sisters and Nook's Cranny and relatively close to each other.
  • Each villager has its own individual lot with a personalized garden.
  • Support for a second player house.


  • Plaza: X=144, Y=144
  • Inclines: 8/8
  • Bridges: 4/8
  • Villagers: 10/10

Completion status

  • Terraforming: 100%
  • Nature (trees, flowers, bushes): 90%
  • Scenery: 80%

How to install

  1. Dump your ACNH save (ie. by using JKSV) and transfer it over to your computer
  2. Download NHSE and use it to load your save.
  3. Download the latest version of this map and extract the files anywhere on your computer.
  4. On the "Map" tab of NHSE, click on the "Edit Map..." button, then click on "Edit Field Items" to open the Field Items Editor.
  5. On the "Items" tab of the Field Item Editor, click on the "Dump/Import" button, then "Import All Acres", and select the file "acres.nhl" from where you extracted the downloaded map.
  6. On the "Buildings" tab, click on the "Dump/Import" button, then "Import Buildings", and select the file "buildings.nhb".
  7. Still on the "Buildings" tab, make sure that "Plaza X" and "Plaza Y" are both set to 144.
  8. On the "Terrain" tab, click on the "Dump/Import" button, then "Import All Acres", and select the file "terrainAcres.nht".
  9. On the "Acres" tab, click on the "Dump/Import" button, then "Import Map Acres", and select the file "acres.nha".
  10. Click on the "Save" button to save and close the Field Items Editor.
  11. Click on the "File" menu, then click on "Save" to save the changes. You can close NHSE.
  12. Transfer the updated save files over to your Switch, then load it using JKSV.

And you're done!


  • Unfortunately I'm not sure how to export design patterns (eg. terracota borders) with NHSE, but I used ACNHDesignPatternEditor to download and import them into my save.
  • Now that I'm done writing this, I've realized that I've spent way too much time on all of this. Please send help.


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  • Stabb avatar
    Stabb Joined 2mo ago
    Does this invalidate the save hash?
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  • PokeGeek! avatar
    PokeGeek! Joined 13d ago
    I literally just made an account just to say you are amazing. I can tell you put a lot of work and effort into this. Now I see why you like the island so much. I was literally in a state of shock looking at Cliff Paradise island. It came out so beautiful thank you very much... <3
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  • AoM avatar
    AoM username pic Joined 14y ago
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    AoM avatar
    Modboy Dev
    Nice work, but you also need to list your contribution in the credits/authors list.
    • Agree x 1
    Thar be snow. avatar
    Thar be snow.
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  • ACFan8493 avatar
    ACFan8493 Joined 21d ago
    Good Job!
    • Thanks x 1
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  • MsxLiz avatar
    MsxLiz Joined 24d ago
    • Thanks x 1
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  • Arc_Ray avatar
    Arc_Ray Joined 4y ago
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    25d 25d
    huh, i wasnt aware that "edited save sharing" could be considered a mod. i mean good work recreating that town!

    at first i thought this was going to be a mod that lets you construct things on the highest cliff tier.
    • Interesting x 1
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  • neocake_ avatar
    neocake_ Joined 5mo ago
    226 points Ranked 55,974th
    Omigosh, this is amazing! Great work!
    • Thanks x 1
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Special Thanks
Island layout
xnonymous Joined 2mo ago
281 points Ranked 52,941st
Map creation


xnonymous avatar
xnonymous Joined 2mo ago
281 points Ranked 52,941st
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