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A Map for Counter-Strike: Source


Version 1.4 3d
  • Addition added new 3 rooms
  • Addition made stairs to second floor
  • Optimization some lights fixed
here is 2 new screenshots

map is about 80 % done.
Version 1.3 7d BugFix2 Addition3 Adjustment Improvement2 Version 1.2 13d Addition3 Improvement Suggestion Removal Version 1.1 21d Improvement2 Addition5 Optimization Suggestion BugFix2

made by mandy lane

The map is based on a real place, and is of a small size. It is dusk and dark, snowing.

The map was inspired from max payne 1 new york city level.


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  • mohammad-n-devil avatar
    mohammad-n-devil Joined 2mo ago
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    it reminds me of wolves hideout in call of duty modern warfare  

    and by the way its a really cool map :-D 
    if jason had devils powers! avatar
    if jason had devils powers!
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    access_time 20d
    You forgot to update the files as well.
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  • MLD avatar
    MLD Joined 4y ago
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    access_time 21d
    The map looks very good, i can't believe it's your first.
    I liked the new textures & props.
    I wanted to talk about few things but ElysiumLeoSK already did.

    There is just a minor tiny little thing, is that the glasses in doors & some windows act like woods, you may consider fixing them by using BSP Brush or whatever, i don't know.

    And just a friendly reminder, there is WIP section (Work in Progress), it support file upload as well. You can use it if you think your work sill unfinished or its on Alpha/Beta state, until reaching the final state or you feel satisfied about it.
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    Ring-A-Ding Rampage avatar
    Ring-A-Ding Rampage
    access_time 21d
    Looks neat from the preview although I felt the lights were a bit too bright at places. Also the inital section of the map gave me HL2 vibes.
    Erode using Code
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  • ElysiumLeoSK avatar
    ElysiumLeoSK username pic Joined 7y ago
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    access_time 21d edit 21d


    These will be the criteria:

    - Design (includes lighting, map orientation, textures, level design, see-through areas, etc.)

    - Ambience/Sound (includes area ambience and sounds, appropriate footsteps for ground/floor types, etc.)

    - Gameplay (that includes navmesh, bot spawns, any map-related interferences to the gameplay, etc.)

    And the rating system from 1-10 (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest).


    This is certainly an interesting setting for your map, which is an urban apartment. It's a small map and a tight one, too. It shows a lot of rooms depicting the usual apartment setup, having a kitchen, a toilet/bathroom, living room, storage room, and personal quarters. It's snowing too, which is nice. The custom models and textures that you used are outstanding.

    The placements of the decorations are good, as well. You did well in "knitting" the textures together so that it would look seamless and natural. Good choice of the skybox, as well, and the falling snow effect that you inserted doesn't hinder the player's vision, which is nice.

    However, there are two problems that I found while going through the map and checking every corner: see-through areas and improper (and probably unnecessary) lighting placements. I've linked each of these problems via Google Drive in order for you to see.

    For the see-through areas. As what was indicated in my screenshots, there are only three places in which any player can see those issues and they can be viewed outside the windows of the apartment. You can cover those with extension of buildings, some police blockade (since we are in an urban environment, as what the map depicts to be in), some vehicles, and other appropriate stuff that you can use for covering those see-through areas. It can help make the map feel alive and authentic, like actually depicting a hostage scene.

    For the lighting, I've been seeing a lot of these lights that either are not from its "light source" (e.g, lamp, lightbulb, etc.; as shown in lightbug), doesn't align to its light source properly (as shown in lightbug2, lightbug4, lightbug5lightbug8, and lightbug10), or doesn't have a light source at all (as shown in lightbug3, lightbug6, lightbug9, and lightbug11). It seems off and appropriate to put random lights without light sources, or doesn't align to its light source just for the sake of lighting the room. You could start by properly putting light sources, and aligning them so that it would look natural and fit.

    As for the other stuff, there's a stair rail that leads downstairs to the door to the snowy street, and somehow it doesn't budge the player model. Instead, it is a hollow one. You could either remove it or "fill it" with its base model to make it look authentic.

    I give the DESIGN a 7.


    You managed to properly place appropriate sounds in proper floors which is good. Nothing out of the ordinary. Ambience sound is pretty good, overall. Some miscellaneous sound would be nice in order to fill up the apartment a bit, like maybe radio, TV noises/buzz, and other stuff that you could put in. There's nothing much I can fill in other than your placement of sounds is pretty great, overall.

    I give the AMBIENCE/SOUND a 9.5.


    There's no navmesh on this map, but the auto-generated one is sufficient, where the CT checks every room and the T finds and hold on a certain position. For the bot balancing, I've noticed that the terrorist side cannot allocate more than 3 players/bots (as shown in this screenshot) and all of them spawn near the dining table. You could increase the spawn size and fill up each room with spawn points (though make sure that they are not near the door or the hallway and cannot be seen by the CTs during spawn). Don't forget to indicate the player size that the map can fill in in both sides.

    The pace of the game is pretty quick once the two sides meet at the hallway, which is alright I suppose, considering that they are in an apartment. There are two hostages, which is fine. The problem is that once you rescue the hostages, there are no hostage rescue zones, which makes rescuing not necessary and it somehow conflicts to the map being a hostage rescue.

    If I am correct, I think the reason for that decision is that, well, the apartment is small and the pace is pretty quick where rescuing the hostages is not needed at all.

    I give the GAMEPLAY a 7.5.

    This map gets an average score of 8 out of 10.


    Some of the suggestions for each category have been indicated and it's up to you if you want to apply those or not.

    However, I would like to suggest in order to expand the duration of each gameplay round so that it won't feel neither fast or slow. I suggest you do some expanding on the map itself. There are two areas that you could utilize: the staircase that leads upstairs and the snowy streets outside the apartment (with the use of the railed staircase that leads to the door outside, as what I mentioned).

    For the upstairs part, it would be great if the CT players/bots take time to check each room and look for the hostages, while the T players/bots position themselves in the room, guarding the hostages. It's all up to you on what to put upstairs.

    For the snowy streets outside the apartment part, you could utilize it being the area where the hostage rescue zone is placed, since it is a hostage rescue map and it DEFINITELY needs a hostage rescue zone so that the placement of hostages won't go to waste. Like I said, you could place police cars, yellow tapes, barricades, and other stuff you'd like to put to fill up outside (and please don't forget to fill the see-throughs outside if you want to utilize the idea.

    That is all! I hope my review helps you in improving the map, and for the players to know what's in store of this map.

    Thank you for reading and have a great day.

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    Vereor Nox avatar
    Vereor Nox
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  • w6a7z99 avatar
    w6a7z99 username pic Joined 5y ago
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    access_time 23d
    Though I haven't played the map, and regardless of whether I played or not, I most likely won't give feedback anything related to the gameplay. I don't have any suggestions for the map either, because I can tell that you've paid attention to the details of the map. Nothing seems bland, and everything looks nice and well-detailed. I would like to see you create more maps in the future. Awesome work!
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    Worst Mapper You've Ever Seen
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mandylane Joined 26d ago
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Development Info

a map based on a real place.

actually this map was meant to be a form of a tech-demo instead of a playable map.
the map takes inspiration from the

Half Life 2 Tech Demo - E3 2003 trailers and half life 2 lost coast.

the idea was to create an apartment that would look real and show more the art and design side of the source engine, and how much it could be pushed to the max. However,  I decided to make the map playable.


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