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Sonic 3: D.A. Garden Edition

A Map for Sonic 3 A.I.R


v1.2.0 14d
  • Addition Title cards and palettes for zones and special stages altered
  • Improvement Minor level layout adjustments made throughout the game
  • Feature Underwater fans in Hydrocity Zone now produce bubbles as in S3&K
  • Feature Background effects added to Marble Garden Zone Act 1, Mushroom Hill Zone Act 2, and Death Egg Zone Act 2
  • Adjustment Allowed any Marble Garden Zone breakable pillars that required spinning tops to be broken without the top (matching A.I.R. behavior)
  • Feature Enabled overlays in Sandopolis Zone to indicate which sand pits kill the player character
  • BugFix Collision on rising sand in Sandopolis Zone Act 2 corrected
v1.1.1 1mo Overhaul Tweak3 BugFix2 v1.1.0 1mo Adjustment4 Tweak4 BugFix6 Improvement5 Feature v1.0.2 2mo Improvement2 BugFix3 Tweak v1.0.1 Rev 2 2mo BugFix Feature

A full game of new palettes, level layouts, and special stages with adaptations for Sonic 3 A.I.R.

The ROM hack Sonic 3: D.A. Garden edition, first released in 2015, comes to Sonic 3 A.I.R.! Enjoy a full game's worth of new level layouts and special stages.

This mod, with approval from the original hack creator, attempts to surpass the existing GameBanana upload of Sonic 3: D.A. Garden Edition with the following extra features:
  • Boss areas adjusted for widescreen play
  • Title screen, level title cards, and closing credits adjusted to credit original author D.A. Garden
  • New palettes
  • Visual quirks resulting from a straight A.I.R. import (e.g., Mushroom Hill palette changes, Flying Battery backgrounds, empty or misused space after level endings) corrected for A.I.R.
  • Level/object layouts adjusted to work within A.I.R. limitations (e.g., Death Egg platform movements prevented progress in A.I.R. before adjustments)
  • Level/object layouts adjusted to work with A.I.R. features (e.g., approaching Sonic's Hydrocity boss as Knuckles does not softlock the player)
  • Transitions between some zones adjusted for better flow (e.g., entering Carnival Night from Marble Garden gives both the correct staring position and entrance animation)
  • Areas where walls were marked unclimbable with no visual indicator adjusted

This mod requires A.I.R. v20.05.30.0 or later to play. The latest stable version fits this requirement.

This mod does not borrow any code from the previous GameBanana version; the two versions were developed independently.


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Key Author
Thorn_SRetro Joined 2mo ago
365 points Ranked 49,795th
Ported resources to A.I.R., adjusted levels for A.I.R. features and restrictions, created scripts to recreate original ROM hack behaviors
Original Author
D.A. Garden
Original ROM hack creator
Special Thanks (for original ROM hack)
S3K Layout Padder, Invincibility music port and bug fixes
Testing and bug fixes
MainMemory Joined 3y ago
Sonic Guru
13,399 points Ranked 464th
33 medals 5 legendary 8 rare
  • Created a Mod Installer Medal icon
  • 30 submissions featured Medal icon
  • Reached 100 subscribers Medal icon
  • 2019 Top Contributor Medal icon
  • Returned 5000 times Medal icon
  • Became a Game Pioneer Medal icon
Testing and bug fixes
Testing and bug fixes
Bug fixes
Varion Icaria
Bug fixes


Thorn_SRetro avatar
Thorn_SRetro Joined 2mo ago
365 points Ranked 49,795th
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