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Night Shift at Gray Gravel Co.

A Map for Team Fortress 2


Night 4 and 5 (Final) 24d
  • Addition Released Night 4 and Night 5
  • Addition New robot hunts you from Night 4 onward! (Make sure you read up on him!)
  • Addition Added vents behind the office
  • Addition Added body break sounds to when the player dies
  • Improvement Improved lighting in the halls
  • Overhaul Added a better outside behind the window
  • Overhaul Made the cake room bigger
Night 2 and Night 3! 30d Addition2 Adjustment 01.06.2020 QuickFix 1mo Addition BugFix Overhaul Tweak

The Nightmare Before MvM

To Run the maps, drag the nightshift_graygravel_night1&2&3 into your maps folder and then type "map {corresponding night}" in your console. (Start with nightshift_graygravel_night1)
After winning a night, type "map {next night}" in console.

You are an umeployeed mann looking for a quick buck. 
After reading the newspapers you find out about this figure called "Gray Mann" offering 
huge amounts of dosh for simple Night Shifts in one of his warehouses, housing blueprints, bombs, scrapped tanks and Malfunctioning Robot Prototypes. 

You are hunted down by malfunctioning robots. 

Your means of avoiding the robots are: 
  •  Motion Tracker, After clicking a button below the tracker, shows you the location of the enemy. 
  •  Doors and Lights to keep them away from entering your office. 

You have to look out for: 
  •  Your battery. Each action drains it. (Shutting doors, turning on lights = 1% per 2 seconds, Can stack. Checking the Motion Tracker = 4% per toggle. 
  •  Robots jamming electric boxes. This will cause you to be unable to use your Motion Tracker and Lights. It will play loud static for 40 seconds. Makes it harder to hear enemies outside your office.

Robot stats/abillities/counters:
Scout Robot
  1. Can be seen on the Motion Tracker
  2. Can be seen outside office
  3. Disables generators to disable your motion tracker
  4. Close doors to avoid him sneaking in your office
Cloaker Spy
  1. Can be seen on the Motion Tracker
  2. CAN'T be seen outside office
  3. Becomes dangerous once Motion Tracker has power outage
  4. Close doors to avoid him sneaking in your office 
Hacked Soldier
  1.  CAN'T be seen on the Motion Tracker
  2. Can be seen outside office only when you shine your lights!
  3. Becomes dangerous once Motion Tracker has power outage
  4. Close doors to avoid him killing you
Reach 6 A.M to win. 

This Map is heavily based on FNAF 1 gameplay and location. With the addition of Motion Tracker and Electric Boxes, which should make it more interesting. 
I know this may seem like a shitpost, but the systems in this map took alot of effort.
This exists purely out of quarantine boredom. 
If you have any questions or ideas, add me on Steam or Discord.

Have Fun, don't run out of your batteries.


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  • access_time 19d
    How did u manage to make those Glitter affect? that brings up the realism
    Retarded ass gamer (not rlly) avatar
    Retarded ass gamer (not rlly)
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  • SpittinPootis avatar
    SpittinPootis Joined 1y ago
    103 points Ranked 70614th
    access_time 19d
    Hoovy main
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  • Grim0514 avatar
    Grim0514 Joined 3y ago
    170 points Ranked 60162nd
    access_time 20d
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) avatar
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  • access_time 23d
    is there going to be a night 6?

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  • Shiabo avatar
    Shiabo Joined 1y ago
    134 points Ranked 64745th
    access_time 1mo edit 1mo
    First of all, the gameplay fascinated me, but as a "fan" of this horror saga, I would like to see some changes

    •   The office is very big. I know it is for more players to enter, but as you say it is for a maximum of 4 people, so I think it would not be worth it.
    •   The "animatronics" would be the parts of the robotic scout, which seems a bit "ridiculous" to me. There are community created models that could be used as a "parody" of the original animatronics. For example, the demoman dressed as a rabbit or the scout dressed as a chicken. 
    • The size of the rooms. There are places where they are bigger and with little added to the original, so to save yourself a little time, make it small. I recommend you to use as an example (again) the first map of the fnaf, making its original size.

    For now this would be all, sorry if any of these things make no sense, I do not know much English and it is very critical or pessimistic. 

    But the big word will be: 10/10 this map and game mode

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  • jack5gamebanana avatar
    jack5gamebanana username pic Joined 6y ago
    NPMO Manager SMBX Manager PRTL Manager TF2 Manager
    1,435 points Ranked 22327th
    30 medals 1 legendary 6 rare
    • Submitted 50 Maps Medal icon
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    access_time 1mo edit 1mo
    This is a great map, and the perfect way for me to enjoy Five Night's at Freddy's gameplay without playing an actual FNAF game. Here are a couple of things I've noticed while I was playing:
    • The lights for the generators do not turn off when the map resets, meaning it is possible to think a generator is on when it is not.
    • The sounds of the robot appearing and power failure are exactly the same, making it incredibly difficult to determine which is which, especially when they happen at the same time.
    • Four bars of battery is not enough to give me a good representation of how well I'm doing. Perhaps six would be better, one for each hour.
    • Several errors printed to console during my playtime. It would be appreciated if you could cut down on as many of these as possible, such as the 'no spawn points for Soldier' one that I experienced.
    • I experienced the robot killing me despite the appropriate door being closed on two separate occasions, the root cause appearing to be that the door was closed before the robot appeared and remained closed up until my death.
    I believe that if you manage to fix these issues, make the entire experience more forboding with better ambience (I've used Purple Planet in the past for suspenseful music) and program up to three nights with a congratulatory ending, that would make me one happy YouTuber.
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    your_best_nightmare.png avatar
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  • IRateStuff avatar
    IRateStuff Joined 11mo ago
    115 points Ranked 67418th
    access_time 1mo edit 1mo
    woahhh fnaf fredbear CALLS ME AND HIS MOM IS MY GRAND FATHER?????!??!?!?!?!?!?!!!!11
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    my opinions dont matter :) avatar
    my opinions dont matter :)
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