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A Map for Team Fortress 2

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v2a 6d
  • Adjustment transition between area 1 and the sewer is more natural
  • Addition more small crates in the warehouse to break
  • BugFix fixed players building stuff in bad places
  • BugFix fixed players shooting projectiles over the spinner
  • BugFix freerun button now can't be pressed until the round begins
  • BugFix some small fixes
v2 8d Overhaul BugFix2 Adjustment2 Addition
  • 21 manual traps
  • 2 3 automatic traps
  • 3 minigames
  • 1 humiliation
  • no instant win
  • no 50/50 doors

please email me if something is broken


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    access_time 7d

    We ran v2 on our server today. Here is a demo in case there's anything you want to fix or improve.

    If ever you get Discord feel free to stop by our server for deathrun mappers. It's called Death Experiments, and you can find a link on the Steam group page.
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    access_time 11d edit 10d
    This map is rather nice, and better than I first expected.

    I'm on mobile as I'm writing this, so you'll have to bear with me not being able to use screenshots for explaining things. I'll just try and outline what I mean as best I can.

    First of all, the deathrun aspect. Most of the traps are fair, some not being insta-kill, and some requiring skill and timing. They're all lovely additions to maps, and it is done very well in this map. As for the activator, as minor as this may sound, the fact you've let the activator be able to push buttons with +use is a massive pro in my books. There also are enough traps to likely clear out and kill a full 32 player server. To further add to this, all traps are expertly layed out so I know where they start and where they end, without ALWAYS having to use hazard markings, so personally, I love the deathrun aspect of the map.

    In community gamemodes, most maps do lack some form of detailing, and maybe some places do feel out of place. This map has excellent details in some areas (not all), and some connections between areas feel rather weird (but again, not all). The map also isn't just a flat straight corridor by any means. It has some height and depth to it, which I love to see.

    Now comes the more opinionated cons of this map. There are a few, so I'll just list them here.

    • When a freerun is activated, nothing is actually said to the runners to announce this. Yes there's a glass wall they can look through, but it's always nice to have some sort of announcement anyway, for the runners who don't look more than 5ft infront of them
    • While some of the traps are fair, some are quite the opposite. Take the absolute first trap. Maybe it was by design, to kill that many players at the very beginning, but really, it doesn't feel good as a runner being caught in there, and it didn't feel rewarding catching people in that one either.
    • There's the use of announcer markers in unnecessary places that doesn't need them, and the lack of them in places that do need them. Take for example the electricity trap in the first area, where it says Hale can electrify the floor. Really to me that's pretty obvious considering the wires. Further in the map, in the warehouse looking environment, where I have to break through a box to continue, it would've been nice to have been told that, rather than think I'd taken a wrong turn or something for a solid minute.
    • The final area feels REALLY out of place. The transition from a city environment to somewhere in the sky with little to no detail seems a bit lazy, I'm sorry to say. Maybe it's by design, but I feel I wouldn't be saying this if you had maybe themed it. It could possibly a construction site because of all the moving parts for example! It doesn't have to just be a blank skybox as the end.
    • Also at the end you can see into death's area. Maybe that's by design, but I much prefer not being able to see death at all anywhere in the map. In deathrun, one of the best elements is the element of surprise, and that final area just totally rids that element.
    • In the spinner minigame, players can shoot and harm other players through the lasers. I'd suggest using a "blockbullets" brush to prevent this. Also for some reason, at the end, the texture announcing which minigames were which, the spinner seemed to be the only one with an animation on it for some reason?
    • Yeah this list now isn't in chronological order, but I also don't like the transition from a dark underground area to a warehouse. That feels very weird.

    This whole bottom bit isn't all negative, I just couldn't fit in the following statements anywhere else.
    I absolutely LOVE the humiliation. It's one of the best I've seen. The spinner also at least has playerclips to stop players from getting to one side to the other, and the "sprint" (really should be named parkour imo) is fun and fast paced, even though I could skip a few blocks (maybe or maybe not intentional).

    Overall I think with some full on detailing to the end area of this map, and some touch ups to the first two areas, this map could be absolutely brilliant, since I did enjoy the time I spent on this map earlier today. I hope to see some updates to this map soon!
    I make maps and crash servers
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