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CP Brooklynn2

A Map for Team Fortress 2

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1.3 12d
  • Tweak Fixed lighting for most props
  • BugFix Turned windows into solid props
  • BugFix Added missing windows clips
  • BugFix Fixed wrong textures and improper angle orientations
  • Optimization Removed some props for visibility
  • Improvement Moved some props to remove space between them and offer reliable cover
  • Improvement Compiled with final lighting settings
Urban Dustbowl-style multi-stage Attack/Defend Control Point map. Features streetfights, alleys, appartments, and trains!

Through Railroad Express Delivery, RED controls the entire railway system of New Mann City! BLU's goal is to capture every control point to put an end to RED's monopoly.

This is Brooklynn's (hopefully) last successor. The whole map was rebuilt from the ground up to completely improve both the look and the gameplay. The changes include :
- extra areas in Stage 1 and 2 to give players more offensive and defensive options regarding these stages CPs
- improved details : the 3 stages being now separate, your game will not render any useless area. It allowed for the city to expand and have increased details everywhere
- brand new Stage 3. While the points' structures were kept quite identical, ways and look is completely new. Enjoy the new dynamic elements!

This map replaces the previous "Brooklynn" version. But for support and comparison purposes, the old one is still available to download.

Feel free to leave any feedback: appreciations, critics, ideas... The map, while being the closest to completion it has ever been, is still subject to changes based on your thoughts.

Bots are not included. The nav generator is only creating a mesh for Stage 1, so if you want bots to work on the whole map, you have to make a working nav yourself, sorry :/

Thank you for playing and enjoy your games!

Credits :
- Docteur Whoa : custom decals/textures
Precipice Pack[]
Frontline Content Pack[]
Bullet Crops Content Pack[]
Construction Content Pack[]


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    access_time 11d edit 10d
    I've had a look through your map and I found several clipping, building and prop placement issues in the first stage. A majority of these may also be carried over to other stages, but I just wanted to share my thoughts on the first stage alone. Of course, most of my advice comes from experience in community server gamemodes, so keep regular gameplay in mind as you try to enact these changes.
    1. It is possible to get on top of the inside roof in RED spawn, making the player unreachable for non-jumping classes.
    2. It is possible to get on top of the roof of the building closest to B point. Same problem as before.
    3. The building closest to B point has too many entrances, I'd suggest sealing the one closest to the point.
    4. It is possible to get on top of electrical poles, not just at B point but also A point. Same problem as 1.
    5. It is possible to cling onto the windows in BLU spawn. Same problem as 1.
    6. There are two small spaces underneath these ramps that are campable. I'd suggest sealing them up completely.
    7. There are various other places that cannot be reached by non-jumping classes all around the map, mainly having to do with props. If you can't get on top of something even with crouch jumping and air strafing, consider nobuilding that area or blocking it off completely.
    8. A bad example of 7 that should probably be blocked off completely.
    9. It doesn't feel right for me to be able to build in this area which is essentially part of BLU spawn. I think all buildings should be blocked here.

    EDIT: One other thing I noticed, this map's file size is ridiculous. Try compressing it with bspzip if you haven't already. If that's not enough to get the map under 100 MB, then I'd say split the map into multiple other maps, maybe one per stage.
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  • VIDD avatar
    VIDD Joined 1mo ago
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    access_time 14d edit 14d
    I'm gonna give this map a solid 7/10.

    The overall design is pretty good and everything blends together like it should.

    However, the optimization is terrible (no offense, it can be sometimes hard to optimize a map.).

    On the first stage in BLU spawn, you can see 90% of the props in the stage . Some small props only render when you get near their areas, but most of them are being rendered.

    On the second stage, the amount of props that are rendered are significantly lower in the blue spawn. But as soon as you get out everything is rendered like the first stage.

    The third stage is probably the most optimized, by standing around the first control point, the second control point is completely not rendered. And from the red spawn under the first control point, most of stage 3 is not rendered .

    I had to take 3 points off the rating because with a map unoptimized like this it can be near impossible to play in a 32 players server.

    There is also an elevator prop near the first point in the first stage that has no collision.

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