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de_souk (original)

A Map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Version 1.0 2mo
  • Addition More architecture added in the area
  • Adjustment Parked van blocking the way :)

A somewhat large desert map.

I've made yet another map, and it's rather large compared to the previous ones I'd before it. In addition it's also the first bomb/defuse map for cs:go that I've made. Hope you enjoy it!


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    I'm going to be really honest and straightforward about your map.
    I understand that it's your first bomb/defuse map, however, there are many things you need to keep in mind when making a map of this kind.

    I won't go in much detail about the gameplay and layout (to point out those many issues), since that's something which can't be fixed in its current state. I'm sorry, but you definitely need to rework the whole map to make it proper.

    To be honest, the map is really odd and messed up in many ways.

    The overall size of the map is really small for a bomb/defuse scenario. Nobody even need to go to any bomb site as the battle starts right after the round starts (see below why, or watch the gameplay video below).

    Due to that, the placement of the bomb sites, spawn areas; and the timing, pacing, and gameplay are messed up as well.

    For instance (watch my gameplay video for better understanding):

    1. The whole bomb site B is exposed to the Ts from the spawn area and at round start.
    2. Both teams are exposed to each other right from the spawn area and at round start.
    3. Similarly, both teams take a second or two to counter each other in a big open area.

    And many other gameplay issues.

    From a quick observation, I noticed that you forgot to apply the nodraw texture on many applicable faces (such as here and here). There are more, by the way.

    Also, I suppose these pillars weren't meant to be standing on the ground just like that, right? Seems odd.
    The same case is for the other pillars.

    I noticed some overlapping brushes on all four supports of the A planting platform hut; here's a clip.

    By the way, did you manually clip those props (vehicles, etc.)? They seem to have really bad collisions; here's a clip.
    Related to clipping, while it's not required, it's recommended to clip the stairs for a smooth transition movement.

    While the current (default) skybox matches well with the current theme of the map, you can always and should try a different skybox other than using the default one. It's not a must, but I decided to let you know in case if you forgot to change it.
    Speaking of the skybox, the sun and light angles don't match.

    Noticed this crate flying as well.

    As for the bomb stuck spots, I combined all the clips into a single one for convenience, here. There may be more unnoticed, but I just tried the obvious ones.

    However, on the other hand, I do appreciate the time and effort you've put into the detailing and beautifying process of the map. While it's also not something properly done because of how the map is laid out, it's good to see that you've potential in there and did something rather than leaving it out plain.

    I wouldn't say the map is totally bad considering for a first attempt/make, however it's mostly flawed for the core gameplay it's designed for.

    You may turn this map into some other type if you wish to (such as Arms Race, Flying Scouts, or similar other casual types), or just do a total rework to make it proper for the bomb/defuse scenario.

    So, that's pretty much all for now, and in the end, I'd suggest you to play and understand how the official and community maps are laid out and designed. Look for those important key factors (gameplay; timing, pacing, map flow, layout, etc.). If you need to, consider watching/reading some tutorials regarding the game's bomb/defuse levels concept.

    I'll leave a link to one site I found really helpful for beginners, here. Keep in mind that there are always a lot of them out there which you can search for yourself.

    And, here's my 5v5 competitive gameplay with expert BOTs. Just notice how bad the gameplay is going there for both teams.
    Oh, and you may also notice the BOTs getting stuck on that SWAT van on the bomb site A.

    Let me know if something is unclear. Hoping to see you rework/improve this level.
    Good luck!
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Known bugs/issues

  • Radar doesn't work (working on being patched)
  • Possible bomb stuck areas (Report any issues)


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