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A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

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Ready to suffer?

Like the name implies, this is a hard map, or at least was the initial idea.
Its kinda not long enough 'cause I hit some engine limits, but it's still pretty darn long.

It includes everything you might hate like:

  • SingleHop system
  • Forced jump stats
  • Forced perf bhops
  • Ladders
  • Anti pre speed
  • NoDuck longjumps
  • SlowMotion longjumps
  • Boosters!
  • Surf ?????
  • Dev Textures
  • "Where am I suposed to go?" bonus
  • Mandatory longjump room
  • Generic particle system
  • And a lot more!

There's also a Minigame room behind the start zone, with 4 diferent games + 1v1 bhop track.
  • Air Hockey
  • Flappy Birb
  • Connect 4
  • Tic-Tac-Toe

The first two are disabled by default because they both use game_ui's to function, and if you don't know already these entities can crash dedicated servers If the user disconect while using it. So, for safety I had to disable them OnMapSpawn. If you want to enable those games, make sure your server has the game_ui fix by GoD-Tony and use this stripper config:
;;Enable Minigames
"targetname" "ah_disable"

Zones are already pre-set if you're using shavit's bhoptimer.
Textures are a mix of default dev textures, my own and some remakes/edits from yonkoma.
This is clearly inspired by maps like Yonkoma and Benchmark, but with my own twist to it.
You can find the music list in the main hub, in the pink side of the room.
Music volume is also controled using the ingame music slider (snd_musicvolume 0)
BSP file is repacked with bspzip to save filesize.
Original .vmf included


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  • expiko avatar
    expiko Joined 1mo ago
    access_time 1mo
    how long have you done this?
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  • Kz Nyu avatar
    Kz Nyu username pic Joined 6y ago
    Havin a life
    925 points Ranked 41439th
    access_time 1mo
    I see you put alot of efforts in this map and it looks really cool, there are many interesting ideas along the map so congrats about it.

    Despite all these good sides, it's sad that the most important is kinda a failure (just my opinion), gameplay looks like it haven't been tested properly on scroll,

    some parts are hard, not just because they're meant to be hard, but because they're kinda "stupidly" made, many things could have been fixed on beta testing to make map way more fun :c

    I mean, i enjoyed maps like apricity/badges2/izanami/minimal way more than this..

    I know you aimed for a skyworld/nemesis difficulty but skyworld isn't the perfect exemple of a fun hard gameplay, it been also criticised for this reason by many ppl (nemesis being more balanced overall)

    That being said, it's a pretty good work u did, so don't mind me too much, i hope you'll make some other maps with deeper testing in future :)

    Keep up the good job
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    Nyu - Hellshooter
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  • Mr.Who avatar
    Mr.Who username pic Joined 3y ago
    Sleep =)
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    access_time 2mo
    add author skybox
    (X.X) avatar
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  • FlowBhop avatar
    FlowBhop username pic Joined 12mo ago
    access_time 2mo
    crazy man
    brodda avatar
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  • Sirhephaestus avatar
    Sirhephaestus Joined 5y ago
    access_time 2mo
    A lot of parts seem hard for the sake of being hard, not because they make for engaging or fun gameplay.
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  • czarchasm00 avatar
    czarchasm00 Joined 5mo ago
    158 points Ranked 60257th
    access_time 2mo
    great map! too bad ladders are broken on gmod. they dont even work properly. they're func_ladders right? how thin are the ladder blocks?
    Your dial tone isn't real.
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  • BlankBhop avatar
    BlankBhop Joined 2y ago
    141 points Ranked 2937th
    11 medals 1 legendary
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    access_time 2mo
    fucking beautiful, the smallest details are mind blowing, crazy 3d skybox for the bonus, i completely approve of this map
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Original Authors
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Aoki Joined 12y ago
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Some textures
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Single Hop, Anti Pre-Speed & Stage system
Jacob Robbins
Skybox (sky_sunset002)
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Skybox (sky05)
Mr. Chop
Skybox (sky_stars01)


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Proxychains Joined 3y ago
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Reminder to not touch hammer ever again.


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