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Ezel's CC-Sides (7/9 maps done)

A Map for Celeste

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Version 1.5 8d
  • Addition Added 7CC
  • Adjustment Very minor gameplay adjustments to 1CC
  • Improvement Improved visuals for 1CC
  • Improvement Added more decoration to 2CC
  • Adjustment Nerfed and adjusted 2CC-2 a little bit (again)
  • Adjustment Made cheese less viable in 4CC-5
  • BugFix Fixed the name and version appearing improperly in the Everest updater
  • Addition Added a Seeker barrier in 5CC-5 to make the coin part less annoying
  • Adjustment Adjusted a lot of spawn points to be close to the actual gameplay
  • Adjustment Moved down a few Golden Strawberries to make them easier to reach
  • Adjustment Nerfed the last wallbounce in 4CC-2
Version 1.4 2mo Addition2 Adjustment2 Version 1.3 2mo Addition Version 1.2 2mo Addition Version 1.1.1 2mo Adjustment Improvement

A set of short but challenging maps, inspired by original Celeste C-Sides and Nameguy's D-Sides pack.

The CC-Sides pack (or Double C-Sides, however you wanna call it) is a pack of challenging maps that are my own take on C-Sides with a modified layout. My goal is to try to make them more unique than the vanilla C-Sides, and despite their length, trying to make them decently challenging for people who have 100%-ed the main game. This map pack is supposed to somewhat prepare the player to the precision of D-Sides. While they're mostly not nearly as long, there's a few rooms that may be comparable to the D-Side modpack, however due to the length, the maps usually take much less time to complete.

Because I thought the length of vanilla C-Sides was limiting the creativity of their levels, I decided to create my own layout for them:
- 5 normal rooms, usually quite short, they often introduce the player to the gimmicks of the chapter
- One long room which is mostly a summary of the gimmicks from previous screens
- A medium length 4 color cassette room with a Crystal Heart

It's recommended to have Everest v1.1129.0 for it to work 100% properly. No other mods are required.

In case if you are stuck on a section or you'd like to have a sneak peek of the levels, here's a playlist that I've recorded:

Due to the fact I record when I'm about to update the page, some of the levels might have been altered a little bit in future updates, so keep that in mind in case if you see something that's slightly different on the video.

1CC: focused mostly around timing and momentum jumps, stamina management and crumble blocks. The long room tests your timings and forces you to maintain your stamina sometimes.
2CC: focused around dream blocks, dream jumping, Badeline chasers and collecting touch switches. The long room is a reflex test.
3CC: requires to memorize cycle based patterns paired with difficult timings. Due to that, the level has a slightly higher amount of checkpoints than the usual CC-Side.
4CC: uses ch 4 mechanics to make the player perform timings in different ways, paired with moving platforms that create timed platforming rooms.
5CC: a mix of momentum based platforming paired with bubble timings and tricks with the Theo crystal that will be vital for collecting switches that are out of your reach.
6CC: focuses on setups based on bumpers and Kevin Blocks, some semi-tight feather flying and a Badeline bossfight waiting at you. NOTE: DJMapHelper is required if you want the bossfight to function properly.
7CC: your first major test. It features a lot of challenging rooms that test your consistency and timings. Wavedashes and Supers are required in some places. There's also an old unnerfed version in the "bonus" folder if you wish to play it.

More chapters coming soon!

This pack mostly requires only tech that's required in the original game, therefore no obscure tricks like neutral jumping are required, although they may make a few spots a little easier.

All chapters also have a Golden Strawberry if someone crazy enough decides to ever do them deathless, however due to how Golden Berries work, you might need to use Debug/Cheat Mode to activate them.

Enjoy! If you have any feedback or you have found any bugs or errors, feel free to comment and I'll try to respond to it. I'm still testing the waters with Ahorn, so keep that in mind. Good luck!


Dependencies and prerequisites required to use this Map

  1. Everest 1.1129.0+
  2. DJMapHelper 1.7.10



Add ending screens for all chapters
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