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133 HLDM Rats Maps Collection

A Map for Half-Life

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133 HLDM Rats Maps Collection

This HLDM Rats Map Collection contains 133 HLDM Rats maps.  Every map has a .res and .txt and every resource, sound, model, sprite, skybox and overview has been provided.  This entire collection has been tested thoroughly on an 8-bot server for over 40 hours.

... whew, this was a lot of work!

All in all, there are a total of 133 rats-scale maps total (132 and one duplicate with a different name).

There are a few other old rats maps but they just had too many problems to deal with.

I ended up hot patching at least 36 maps, from minor fixes to much more complex updates, the most common fix was adding deathmatch spawnpoints so players don't suicide over and over when joining the server running the map.

I also ended up reconstructing and recompiling two of the maps entirely (ant_farm2 and chess2) which I'll submit here on gamebanana as well.  I also created three in-theme models for chess2 that greatly helped the ambience and play.

There was a version of turkeyburgers that was patched by budzilla to remove the gauss and gluon and snarks that I renamed to turkeyburgers_budzilla.

There are a total of 756mb of maps uncompressed and 261mb compressed in the zip.

I attached a complete list of all the maps that will be in the archive, two are really the same map (gator_garage and garagerats) many servers run one or the other or both so I decided to leave both in.  As long as they don't run sequentially players won't care.  Allie_gator is an updated version of gator_garage so best it also not run sequentially with the either of the two originals.

The same thing holds true for a number of maps included that were version updates. For example there are actually 5 different revisions of showerroomrats from OneSneakYmousE, all beloved by deathmatch fans ... it's best not to run any of those in sequence if it can be avoided (all are fun though).

For servers, one thing you'll have to do is delete all the old .ztmp files on both the server and on the fast download http server. If you don't, then old and potentially wrong versions of the files will be downloaded to the clients.  The server will regenerate the .ztmp files when players join & download.

Principally, it's the .res and .txt files that I'm concerned about since I regenerated almost all of them and made sure all the map resources are properly identified and are in the archive. If you leave the .bsp.ztmp files on the server or the fast http server then players downloading the maps will get the unpatched versions.

Players on the server that have the unpatched maps will still see all the patches since the bsp on the server is the important one, but if they run a local server or single-player they will still see the unpatched maps unless they download the collection from here and install it on their client.

There are some recommended server launch parameters (if you don't already have them) to handle the maps that are really big (20MB and over). The switches are:

-num_edicts 4096 +fps_max 256.0 +sys_ticrate 256.0 +sv_filetransfermaxsize 30720000

These will improve the server performance and handle BSP files up to 30mb.

The switches with + in front might be in the server.cfg file (without the "+") so have one or the other but not both unless they are the same.

The only other server parameter recommended is "mp_allowmonsters 1".  Many of these maps have monsters or monster_furniture in them and if the server doesn't have this parameter set then the map will be a bit incomplete ... still very playable though, just not as much fun.

I recommend that the mapcycles be randomized and not run alphabetically. It's easy to generate a random list using excel, I would be happy to provide this for anyone that doesn't have excel, just email me your mapcycle.txt files.  I can also send the excel form with instructions.

Kevin Ottalini


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