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Spoopy's Laid-Back Level Pack

A Map for Celeste

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update 1.1 4d
  • Addition Added Golden Strawberries
  • Addition Camera offsets now exist, was looking forward to that
  • BugFix "Cheese Prevention"

A 3 Chapter Pack By SpoopySoup

I downloaded ahorn one day and over the span of a week I spent all my free time making stuff I thought was fun. 3 chapters, no story between them, just a laid-back level pack.

Most of that time was figuring how to do stuff myself... instead of asking.

Check out a recording of the full map here:
(Didn't want to embed on the front page)


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    Not bad for a first set of maps. They try to use some ideas and mess around with various gameplay mechanics. Perhaps it'd be cooler if they'd be longer as the levels are currently just a few screens long. Anyway, let's discuss specific levels.

    Shell City: not too bad of a level, it's rather simple but it has mostly fair and consistent gameplay. The only part I didn't like was the last screen with the big eyeball. The waves move the player no matter what, often resulting with really janky reactions to other objects like dream blocks which killed me several times. I think it'd be better if the eye idea was scrapped or not done around dream blocks as the waves completely mess up their momentum. The rest was fine, although it'd be nice if there was a watchtower in one of the long rooms.

    Color of the day: probably the best one visually. The moving block sections were alright and it was rather enjoyable. The transition into the rhythm blocks felt really weird though. It's just kinda sudden and it felt a bit out of place. I assume it was supposed to be something similar to the B-Sides ending, but this one feels more like an A-Side I guess.

    Pacer Test: probably my least favorite out of all three. Hypering off of momentum blocks is fun, however a lot of the setups were strange and sometimes even inconsistent to pull off. The camera wasn't keeping up with some of the jumps and sometimes it was just easy to hit a spike even though you're doing the jump (like the part with the giant yeet to the left with the jelly). It's an interesting gimmick to work around with, but be sure if the player can actually read what's going on and if the setups were consistent. Timings on momentum blocks can be hard to make.

    Anyway, for a first map pack it's pretty good. It still requires quite a bit of improvement, but it's definitely a decent start. Try to take some more time with playtesting the gameplay and it'd also be nice if the levels were longer. They feel like 10 screens at the most, and most of them are rather easy as well. It'd be nice to at least increase them to around B-Side length.
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  • Caio2000 avatar
    Caio2000 Joined 1mo ago
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    this is so fun and creative! Good job!
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