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A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

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Hi everyone! Sorry i'm late for about 15 years=), but i think not to share this map would be a crime. 
So, let me introduce my new map - de_convent.  A frivolous idea, to hastily make a map for playing with my buds on LAN, became a serious work for an entire year! A comment, I came across on the de_island_v2 map page, which reads: " of the rare CSS maps that looks as good as it plays!", became a motto for a time of bulding my map. And since I am a very stubborn guy, the work was fully completed. Initially, the map was supposed to be smaller (8x8) and simplier, but over time it became clear that it was not enough to implement all the ideas, and it had to be expanded to 32x32. The two planned buildings turned into a fortified island, with a  medieval monastery, ruined by tsunami, and its huge dungeon.
It may seem that some locations suffer from gigantism, but, as a rule, this is a necessary measure, because I didn’t want to constrain the player (tightness is the problem of many CSS maps), and a room for tactics now more than enough. And, as the area grew, so did the need for decorations, the modeling and drawing of which took most of the time. As a result, despite all the vagaries of the early Source Engine, the map came out pretty solid, the gameplay here is extremely variable and interesting, even with bots, that use the entire area to the fullest. In addition, I spent a long time for layout, so the map is well balanced and optimized as much as possible. What can I say, it is better to download and familiarize yourself. From CS lovers to CS lovers..!
The disadvantage is the large size of the BSP, due to the fact that I used custom, higher resolution textures (mostly 1024x1024) and self made models. Owners of weak PCs can observe some FPS drawdowns. Better have at least 1GB VRAM to play. The map is seeded with animated grass! (dx9_sm3 and higher) But as tests have shown, it has almost no affect on performance. Below I will give the results of these tests. Also, CSS, unlike CSGO, does not have a multi-level overview, so I had to fit it into a single 2d image..
Known bugs: Hanging ropes sometimes appears dark. The cause is unknown.

The smoothness of gameplay on the map in comparison with de_yucatan (a close level of picture quality, a lot of transparent textures) and de_port (many water reflections in real time too). Attention! I have no purpose in insulting the makers of these maps! Task: to show without embellishment, how the map behaves on different PCs and settings. Maps for comparison are selected only according to the criteria specified in brackets!
Test PC Specs: Pentium D 2X2.66Ghz, RAM 3GB, GeForce 8400GS 512MB, HDD Seagate st380811as 80GB.
High Video Settings:                                       Low Video Settings:
Resolution: 1440x900, DX 9.0+                     Res.: 1440x900, DX 9.0+
Model: High                                                     Model: Low
Textures: Very High                                        Textures:Low
Shaders: High                                                  Shaders: Low
Water: Full                                                        Water: Simple
Shadows: High                                                 Shadows: Low
Color corr.: On                                                 Color corr.: Off
AA mode: 2?MSAA                                           AA mode: None
Filtering: Anisotropic 4x                                  Filtering: Bilinear
VSync: On                                                          VSync: Off
Blur: On                                                             Blur: Off
HDR: Full                                                           HDR: None
Win. Aero: On                                                   Win. Aero: On

DE_CONVENT:                                                  DE_CONVENT:  
Average FPS: 16-22                                         Average FPS: 40-45
Minimum FPS: 10                                            Minimum FPS: 22

DE_YUCATAN:                                                  DE_YUCATAN:   
Average FPS: 12-15                                         Average FPS: 25-30
Minimum FPS: 6                                              Minimum FPS: 13

DE_PORT:                                                         DE_PORT:
Average FPS: 19-22                                         Average FPS: 50
Minimum FPS: 14                                            Minimum FPS: 32

Thoughts and Plans:
1) Make a port with some improvements for CSGO
2) Make B_ONLY, A_ONLY, CS_ or DM_ version of the map. Maybe FY_ for Atrium.
3) Make a port for 1.6 
4) Retexture with default CSS materials (unlikely, due to their low resolution and poor assortment)
5) Remake one of my oldest map cs_mansion_farm. You probably dont even know about it,
Thank you for your attention! The more support you will provide on Patreon, the more I can generate good quality content, including those listed just above.
For sympathizers and supporters, the same resource contains my uncompressed music, models source files (soon there will be models from de_convent), links, MIDI's etc., So, welcome!
Share your opinion in the comments. Especially interested in constructive criticism.


Dependencies and prerequisites required to use this Map

  1. At least 1Gb GPU



check_box_outline_blank 1.6 Port First (Don't have GPU for GO yet) check_box_outline_blank Clip patch (For restless jumpers) High Priority
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  • Seba291 avatar
    Seba291 Joined 9mo ago
    281 points Ranked 51715th
    access_time 14d
    For a moment I thought it was csgo
    I make css skins avatar
    I make css skins
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  • Eshy752 avatar
    Eshy752 username pic Joined 3y ago
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    access_time 14d edit 14d
    I'd recommend perfecting the CSS version before working on 1.6 and GO versions. Personally I think you should focus optimizing the map more because this map runs notably worse than other CSS maps.
    Solly Main
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  • rsz avatar
    rsz Joined 7mo ago
    access_time 15d
    Beautiful map, thematic, big, nice brightness, gameplay, awesome.. yes and using Spis Castle as a background...fairytale :)
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  • BlackSwordsman avatar
    BlackSwordsman Joined 7y ago
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    access_time 17d
    This looks amazing. Great work man... I want to create maps as good as this one.
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    Do not hesitate to send a PM. avatar
    Do not hesitate to send a PM.
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  • Thunderkeil avatar
    Thunderkeil username pic Joined 6y ago
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    access_time 17d
    Looks stunning, can't wait for the cs:go port
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  • The-Gman avatar
    The-Gman username pic Joined 1y ago
    Prikizuaro Flag Affiliation: Prikizuaro
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    The-Gman avatar
    Prikizuaro Flag
    access_time 17d
    Kinda reminds me of cp_degrootkeep from tf2
    I accept texture requests. avatar
    I accept texture requests.
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  • doctorn0 avatar
    doctorn0 Joined 8mo ago
    274 points Ranked 52040th
    access_time 18d
    nice mate! im working on a huge chunk of custom maps to install onto my source server right now. hopfully by the end of the week ill complete the process!! im gonna add this map to my server and link this maps page to my motdpage for the server! thanks! cant wait to try this out it looks sick
    • Helpful x 1
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  • Greig avatar
    Greig Joined 2y ago
    525 points Ranked 45162nd
    access_time 18d
    Extremely impressive, I don't, however, think that it would be smooth to play with Source engine's outdated lagginess. I'll give it a go.
    • Agree x 1
    I'm going to B-hop my way out
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  • Nikosemen avatar
    Nikosemen Joined 3y ago
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    access_time 18d
    Красиво! Молодца!
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  • sodawater avatar
    sodawater username pic Joined 4y ago
    far away
    138 points Ranked 62864th
    access_time 18d
    I have no idea why would you still make defuse maps for CS:S but for this game standarts map is INSANE. While it may not fit Valve's 2019 CS:GO standarts i feel like this gem should definetly be ported to it. In any case, it is great that people put so much work into their maps even if they know it will not pay off.

    Since i probably have noone to test it with i did not play the map, but man - screenshots are sweet. Huge +rep!

    No idea how long have it been since i last played competitively in any game so no valuable feedback from me even if i played lol
    • Thanks x 1
    да а что avatar
    да а что
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