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R.M.Z, Metal Harbor overhaul

A Map for Sonic Adventure 2

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Final Level Layout 17d
  • Improvement Completed Layout
Level layout final (bar minor adjustments), only have 8 more object slots available so can't add much more. Textures not final.

Massive additions and changes over Alpha 02, not quite but nearly as drastic as Alpha 01/02 were over the stock Metal Harbor level, strongly recommended over prior versions plus level is now "complete".

Beatable on foot with no mandatory rocket or board section, probably beatable with any character.

See final image in description for a know issue that can 'cause slight problems on speed-runs and how to rectify.

WARNING: Camera can be very awkward, in some sections locking to 2D or staying free and depending on which can alter difficulty (usually 2D = easier). If a wonky camera is a deal breaker sorry but not sure I can do much the now for said issue. 
ALPHA Version 02 released 21d Improvement

Metal Harbor and Egg Rocket Zone come together. (Final layout)

Current version:

RELEASE version : 20-Nov-2019

Can download the current release version or old; version 02, 01 or just 02's map.


1.) Substantial overhaul to Metal Harbor, with new additions such as:

    * New "Unleashed" path exclusive to the release version which test skill and is beatable within 1 minute, a blazing tour of the level akin to Sonic Unleashed's "Arid Sands".

    * New "Advanced" side area with the rocket relocated to it playable in 2d and 3D with exploration reminiscent of Sonic Advance 1.

    * No more board section or mandatory rocket, explore the final shoot on foot or beat the level with other characters or just replay the level without the least re-playable part of the level hampering your fun.

    * Gold bug hunt, 22 to find with generous staying time, and other collectables (read: phoenixes).

    * Multiple ways to "A" rank including: Hunt the gold bugs, explore level defeating more foes than before, get more trick points in multiple places than before, with much greater ease get the maximum 10,000 points time bonus (on the Unleashed route with its generous trick points almost guaranteed an "A").

2.) Altered visuals and 2nd music track reminiscent of Sonic Advance 1's "Egg Rocket Zone" now with improved visual clarity over the alpha and smoothed out water effect. 

Alpha 02 changed:

* As suggested by lemmingscanfly new check-points have been added to all extra routes, 9 total versus the 3 original.
* As suggested by OmegaPineapple new elements were added to make it easier to see where to go including enemies & rings, move some objects closer to the camera and so forth. Additionally new routes, items and skill-points added to make getting an A-rank easier. More spin-dash ramps added to allow additional level skips including all automated sections now skip-able (jump ramps, rockets, boost pads & springs).
* Other mild improvements including expansions to some of the more barren extra routes and new fall-down areas & barriers added to reduce number of times you encounter cheap deaths. Also areas with dodgy collision where patched up with fences and/or boxes to smooth out the experience in almost all extra routes.

Prior versions:

Alpha version 02 : 16-Nov-2019
Alpha version 01 : 15-Nov-2019

This time, unlike my Radical Highway F.E.X mod, much more substantial testing was carried out and while some issues remain they are mostly tolerable and/or pinned for re-works.

Also this time, camera is no-were near as obnoxious and level design is less "put some clutter down and call it a day" - but there is a LOT more added than in Radical Highway F.E.X even in this Alpha state.


* New level layout for Metal Harbor mission 1 through 4, not 5 (hard), major overhaul that re-works, adds to and alters original without breaking the flow of the intended main route.
* Altered sun-set textures
* Replace level fog with an orange fog (versus blue original)
* Replace 1 audio file
* Move and adjust Rocket set-piece(s)


* 2D controls with depth perception little fiddly, used fences/tanks to prevent too much trouble & all 2D sections are playable in 3D, there is 1 blast ramp that can lock you into a 2D view across the large air-plane carrier which is known an intended to be fixed.
* Amber walkways have precarious collision detection and require extra guidance to smoove out.
* Invisible walls in the background, which may be removable.
* Sky-box clips out of view at altitude. 
* Depending on previous route-determined camera angle and camera can in a couple of know places "snap" suddenly & also some intended paths have objects somewhat of-off screen &/or camera gets in too close.

Design and especially textures are NOT FINAL, any suggestions welcome and/or deference to other superior texture packs for this aesthetic if they exist.

Hope you have a grand time exploring this new half-level and if my last effort didn't quite do it maybe this is a little better? For those that liked Radical Highway F.E.X you should find even more to like here and I'll endeavour to improve that level too.


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  • OKnux avatar
    OKnux Joined 1y ago
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    access_time 17d
    It looks like if Oil Ocean and Chemical Plant had a baby.

    I like it.
    It's like a roller coaster! avatar
    It's like a roller coaster!
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  • access_time 17d
    OK, I'm not intending to be mean to your projects or your creativity, but this entire level is a giant clusterflock.

    I don't know what the hell I was to have supposedly receive out of this besides unfinished horribly clunky platform placement ON TOP of Metal Harbor's level design. 

    It feels like you just copy/paste your idea and merged it into a clausterphobic's nightmare.

    I honestly think you should have built the level by removing specific assets from platforms to models and speedpads and random ring light-dashes that lead to nowhere.

    Sorry having to be so critical, I honestly wanted to like this, because having Sonic Adventure 2 custom levels is an amazingly huge potential to the modding community.

    You can do better making this a stage by itself with proper design to work in it's favor, I believe in your attempt.
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  • I really liked this mod, it could use adjustments, really needs some checkpoints, the few times I did die it was because of silly glitchy reasons. Managed to clear it with E-105 Zeta, using eggmans default physics.

    All the Spindash jumping stuff goes to show how underutilized the engine SEGA built for the game really went, not sure if I'm just to good at the game but I got to a platform floating in the sky way off to the right of the goal ring with a life in a basket and an electric beetle, and seemingly had no way down.

    You know what levels have tons of space to work with, the space levels, a final Rush overhaul could probably fit like an hour of content.
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    KrustyKong Joined 3y ago
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    access_time 22d
    i was curious of the palette at first but then i got big shell vibes
    lotta fun playin through this one! excited to see more 
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  • -[DEXTERITY]- avatar
    -[DEXTERITY]- username pic Joined 1y ago
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    -[DEXTERITY]- avatar
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    Marx Team
    access_time 22d
    Bro now you’re making me want to merge your set files with mine so it’s an extra win for Modern SA2 like damn you’re really going all out on this aren’t you?!
    Azarath Metrion Zinthos!
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  • access_time 22d edit 22d
    I think I like this one a little less than your take on Radical Highway. When I messed up on a top route in RE:FEX, rather than plummeting do my death it would just take me right back to the standard route. Also regardless of slight deviations, there was always a clear indication of where to go (forward). With this, it was a little disorienting. At times I'd be unsure whether to move up, down, left, right or even backwards and one wrong guess would cause me to fall into the ocean. Even after taking all the new routes I still got an E rank (whereas A was practically guaranteed if I followed the top routes in RH:FEX) and given the time it took to access and traverse them was slower than it would have been to just follow the main path, I didn't really have any incentive to want to keep going back to the new paths. However! I did notice something when replaying RE:FEX, and that is the best routes were built around skipping setpieces that relied heavily on automation. This 1) Encouraged skill mastery and 2) Kept all routes relatively close to the main route and made the whole thing feel much more cohesive. So doing something similar with Metal Harbor and focusing primarily on skips before routes should make it a really easy fix.

    Now, on to what I really liked: An alternate path to the goal that doesn't require the rocket. That cutscene is cool the first time you play the game, but it really feels drawn out if you're playing MH for the 10,00th time like I am. Not only does this put the player in more control of the game, but it also makes the stage beatable as Knuckles with the Character Select mod, which is definitely welcome. Spindash jumping to reach higher altitudes is also tons of fun and I hope that makes it into the final version. I'm also floored by just how quickly you got this out. It's only been 5 days since your last mod and already we're getting new stuff. I love it. SA2 stage mods are something I've been pining for and seeing someone attempt to break the linearity of the existing stages warms my heart. Sorry for the essay, and I look forward to any updates to this mod or other stage mods you have planned! 
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