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mvm_itemtest_v1 (Nav Fix)

A Map for Team Fortress 2

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A real roundabout way of making an MvM map with a stock map.

Welcome to Itemtest, a run down and forgotten Mann Co facility that was primarily used to store junk and may or may not actually just be a copy and pasted spawn room from another existing location in the Team Fortress 2 world. Today you'll be stopping Gray Mann's robotic army from completely and utterly leveling the building. Also the place was never properly locked up so it may be flooded, also we stored a lot of defective sappers in the place too, hopefully they're not floating around.

  • Long empty corridors to spam or be spammed down.
  • Killer water that isn't even deep enough to douse afterburn.
  • A highly exploitable spawn door. (That is the robots can exploit it not you okay?)
  • 4 Bomb paths 2 of which aren't even usable normally.
  • A broken TV that occasionally plays twice.
  • Pointless button.
  • 3 Tank paths, all of which have the potential to crush anyone unfortunate enough to try and pass them.
  • Two main robot spawn locations on opposite sides of the map, let's split up gang!
  • Missions that were not balance tested.
  • A "Chief" robot that will make you hate everything!
  • The advanced mission "Claustrophobia", you'll be pit against tanky machines, can you and your team become king of the halls or be the one's cowering in the corners!
  • The advanced mission "Anxiety", okay for real though split up gang, threats are coming from both sides and there are plenty of sneaky robots waiting to snatch up that bomb!


I actually wanted mvm_itemtest not some dumb layout change that makes it somewhat playable, what gives?:

I wanted that too, but I realised that a silly (somewhat) playable map is better than a lazy, joke, game mode port map that'll only be played on for a one off meme.

The robots keep tearing my team a new one on the advanced missions what do?:

The advanced missions typically require two smaller teams to handle front lines and the back areas of the map on their own. As such I would advise against playing these missions with players that are unable to communicate/learn the wave's format. That said make sure to study where the robots spawn on most waves.
What classes do you recommend for tackling the advanced missions?:

I highly recommend a Demoman and Pyro, also Spy can be useful on certain waves.

The Chief boss you were talking about sucks ass, why did you make this abomination, also how can I cheese it kthxbye?:

Get three demoknights(or just a spy) to max out melee damage, swing speed and critboost canteens, get three medics with stock medigun to max out uber duration. Step 1: Start wave, Step 2: Hide while it walks out of spawn, Step 3: Uber the demoknights, and the demoknight's use their canteens, Step 4: Go to town on the boss.

Okay I feel really disgusting after completely destroying that Chief boss, can you give me some advice on how to beat it while still feeling like I actually had a fight?:

Because of the type of weapon it uses, the projectile shield will be completely useless so don't bother with it. Its weapon also ignores resistances so don't bother buying resistance upgrades. It can take a bit to kill sentries so try using them to stall its progress. The boss itself is slightly resistant to bullets (20%) so try classes that can damage primarily with other weapons. The boss is also weak to melee (+75% taken) so that's always an option to exploit.



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Key Authors
Ported the Map to the MvM game mode format and redesigned/built upon the original map layout.
Original Authors
Creators of the map cp_gorge which is what itemtest is a cropped version of.


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Development Info

Update 19/10/2019:

Minor navigation mesh changes so the robots won't get confused on two particular spots.


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