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Sib (C-side now available)

A Map for Celeste

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4.0.0 2mo
  • Addition The Crane C-side
3.0.0 2mo Addition2 Tweak 2.1.0 2mo Overhaul 2.0.4 3mo Addition2 BugFix 2.0.3 3mo Adjustment2

Chapter 1 & 2

--SIB Version 4.0.0--

Hi thanks for playing these maps! this was all made by BeefyUncle. please leave a comment / feedback here if you enjoyed the mod or had any thoughts about it! <3

As a preface, its worth noting that I don't desire for these two chapters to be played sequentially. There's no concrete story, so play either one first, depending on your wants or playstyle preferences. This readme serves to help inform that decision for you.

Here's some rough cuts of the music from Chapter One if you'd like to listen to the music independent from the mod!


x30 strawberries, x1 crystal heart, 46 rooms

Difficulty: Mid-B to Mid-C range,

Skills required: Fast movement under pressure! Lots of Hyper Dashing, Wavedashing, extended hypers, walljumps. No neutrals required. Perhaps some orthogonal thinking as some mechanics / rooms are used in strange ways.


x1 Berry (Golden), x1 crystal heart, 10 rooms (though the last one is very large)

Difficulty: Definitely harder than any of the C-sides. I think it's really hard. Especially the last room. Not for the faint of heart so you've been warned. And hey that's why it's a b-side! Good luck.

Skills required: This map is essentially a showcase of reverse hypering. Reverse hypering or reverse wavedashing is required. Programmatic does a really good overview of the reverse mechanic in this video

Basically, If this looks fun to you, then you may enjoy this... maybe.


x1 Berry (Golden), x1 crystal heart, 3 rooms -- special thanks to canadianclimber for playtesting!

Difficulty: The last room is harder than anything in sibs crane b-side i believe. This map is a showcase of reverse wavedashing.

Skills required: Reverse wavedashing, reverse extended hypers, wall jumps, etc.


x18 strawberries, x1 crystal heart, 31 rooms

**No Cassette Tape, No B-sides, No Golden Berry

Difficulty: High-C range.

Skills required: neutral jumps (lots!!), wavedashing/extended hypers, walljumping, use of  the 'retry' option in the menu as some rooms may become unpassable given certain actions. Exploration encouraged. Uses heart doors as a mechanic. Causes lag. ¯\_(?)_/¯


The forsaken city was once a thriving home to many industrial & corporate interests. As the city was abandoned, so were the realized dreams of a multi-million entity known as Sib. While his dreams died with the city, ambitions remained; turned towards unlocking the mysteries of the mountain, repurposing it for his own sake. While his tale remains shrouded in mystery, some have attempted explore the darker corners of what remains. They say that those who do, despite best efforts, end up no farther than where they began. Even more, the few who have made it through never really came back the same as before...


all music created by me
thanks have fun playing this, this was super fun to make!
reach out to me on discord at BeefyUncle (i'm not on the celeste discord too much however)
or email at
or check out this super amateur 2d platformer i made two years ago called luna
cheers xoxo


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  • Caio2000 avatar
    Caio2000 Joined 3mo ago
    access_time 2mo
    The sib's crane is so well made, amazing job!
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  • canadianclimber avatar
    canadianclimber Joined 3mo ago
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    access_time 3mo
    I really enjoyed this map.  Creator brings what felt like some fairly new ideas to puzzles and challenges in Celeste and they were fun.  The custom music was also great and suited the environment really well which helped a lot.  My only complaints were things he warned about, the lots of heart door challenges which was just wave dashing a bunch in a row was somewhat difficult because of the lag.  I can wave dash very consistently but not like that.  minor complaint. 
    And the abundance of neutral jumps in some segments.  Yes, I can neutral, I can neutral every time, I can neutral without grabbing first, that doesn't mean I want to have to neutral that much.  They aren't that entertaining and a long climbing section with a ton of neutrals is not fun hoenstly.  Other than those two things that aren't a huge deal I really loved the map and the fairly unique ideas it brought and executed.   I will say I don't know if it was necessary but one of the harder rooms was made a bit easier with a demo.
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  • CeazyOwOs avatar
    CeazyOwOs Joined 4mo ago
    access_time 3mo
    Awesome map. The music is a little repetitive but isn't bad at all, the berries are hidden very good, the difficulty is great (i died like 1171 times Lol). you mixed very good some things like think before do something and then do it using your skills.

    ohh, and i liked see your name in the last screen :)

    Just one problem. in the screen f-2, when you die in the spikes with rocks, automatically you respawn in the other side, making easier get the key without clear the others screens to get it.
    idk if that is a glitch or not, but anyway that was my opinion
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  • Juanpa98ar avatar
    Juanpa98ar Joined 7mo ago
    112 points Ranked 67910th
    access_time 3mo edit 3mo
    ???????????? I'm ready to play it, as soon as I can
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Creator / Composer


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beefyuncle Joined 3mo ago
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Development Info

For music -- Composed on cubase w/ massive, spitfire audio. Worked into game with FMOD
Ahorn for map


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Development State


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