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de_season (beta)

A Map for Counter-Strike 1.6

Map remaked from Counter-Strike: Source to Counter-Strike 1.6


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    Good map with soft textures.

    Meantime, if I can make a few suggestions (for the b4):
    #1: The material used (#7) for the breakable glass entities is not properly used, if you want to make them fully undestroyable under CS, you have to add the "SF_BREAK_TOUCH" spawn flag (2). Breakable code is a bit different than HL's one.
    Because the fact is, you can shoot with a weapon on them, they don't got destroyed, but throw a granada toward them, they'll. Here is an example, here is another.
    But I personnaly suggest you to set the material to glass (#0), set some health, then make them normally destroyable as they should be (for realism), same thing for this one and the possible others.
    But for the ones who are in front of rooms, you'll have to fill those "rooms" with textures, because it's not the case (look here).
    So players could move inside and camp, this adds more gameplay to the map.

    #2: Here, I'll like you make the door openable, turn those yellow glasses into real breakables being destroyable, and set the room with desk, etc., so again, players could camp inside for fun...

    #3: Here, if you could make the footbridge fully textured and walkable, this will be appreciated.

    #4: Here, if you could make this area reachable, for realism (maybe same thing with the CT spawn where there is the military truck, or, put a fence in front of, because I don't like invisible walls that prevent us to reach a spot).

    #5: Here, and in other places, if you could fill with roof textures this will be appreciated.

    Keep in mind those requests about textures are for my opinion a common problem most of the mappers forgot (even best ones who make quality or highly liked/used maps, as Tatu's Eugen dust2 remakes, where I can't climb on the hummer right CT spawn, it's not normal to me), because they usually only think to a normal gameplay and a visibility from the ground, but not about a gameplay with gravity, jetpack, fly modes, apache helicopter, climbing, etc., stuff which allow players to reach or/and see specific spots they can't usually.
    This is something important, and which improve the gameplay & realism of the map, also its beauty, however, this sounds like a  botched product, with those missing textures.
    Fixing this may increase the size of the map, but nowadays  it's no longer a problem (with faster internet speed, etc.), and I prefer quality rather than quantity.
    Additionnaly, it's also nice to "always think" to implement a secret room, behind a big door unopenable, this might be used for jail punishment plugin (just an example), or to teleport players who want to be/talk "in peace" in a deathmatch mode, etc.

    I've put that map on my servers since it's a good port, for the spring/summer/automn map cycles, however I keep the Foofinoo's de_invictus one for winter period.
    Now I'm waiting possible b4 with my suggestions!
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    Omg, im ported this too :D But original CS S content (textures, lighting, props) Very good looks! Good Job
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    papaschlange username pic Joined 4y ago
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    honestly, I like how the map looks on GoldSource more than on Source.
    Stop water fluoridation
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This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.




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