Boss Endurance - Inkling Classic Route

A Map for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Update #1 26d
  • Adjustment Renamed offsets for 3.0.1.
This is a mod that changes Inkling's classic route to a boss endurance. The bosses you fight are as follows and in the following order:
1. Giga Bowser
2. Galleom
3. Rathalos
4. Ganon
5. Dracula
6. Marx
7. Master Hand & Crazy Hand (Unlike other routes, both hands appear regardless of intensity.)
8. Galeem & Dharkon

Now to answer two questions you might have...

"What's the point of this when Adventure Mode's finale exists?"
Well, Adventure Mode's boss rush features weakened versions of the bosses, while this route has the full-fat fights. Furthermore, in this route, the bosses still retain their usual background music. There is also no downtime between fights, and it is more linear, making for a more streamlined experience. And of course, the boss rush in Adventure Mode doesn't feature Master Hand & Crazy Hand. Put simply, this route is a cleaner, more streamlined, more complete boss rush than Adventure Mode's.

"Can you make this work for fighters other than Inkling?"
No, but you can. You can even share it if you credit me for the original mod.

Warning: Due to how this mod handles some things, namely to fix bugs that were previously present when fighting Galeem & Dharkon in Classic Mode, this mod will taint your save file, even if you just use other routes. This means there is a very high ban risk. Therefore, consider backing up your save file with Checkpoint before using the mod, and using it exclusively in airplane mode, 90dns, or blawar's Incognito. I'm not responsible if anything does happen, however. Use the mod at your own risk.

Offsets are for 3.0.1.

Try using this mod in conjunction with Overpowered Inkling Attributes!

If you're a YouTuber, make sure you credit me if you make a video on this mod. If you don't I'll name and shame you publicly on this page.


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    Round 1: Bowser But He's Extremely Pissed

    Round 2: Transformers Reject

    Round 3: Smaug From The Hobbit

    Round 4: Edgy AngryBirds Pig

    Round 5: Some Random Vampire Nobody's Head Of

    Round 6: OG Jevil

    Round 7: Pair Of Gloves We Found In The Wardrobe

    FINAL ROUND: God And Satan
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  • Could you make a tutorial on how to do this? It's really cool and I'd love to make my own route. I'd really appreciate it :D
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Do whatever you want with it as long as you aren't making money. You can redistribute either exact copies or modified versions as long as you credit me.




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