A Map for Garry's Mod

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Welcome to the underground!

Alright, This map is meant to be an underground bunker. Unfortunately, everyone has been trapped in the bunker with a mass murderer.

-I made this first version in about a week. The map is kind of small, so I plan on adding more areas to the map in future versions. The map at the moment isn't the prettiest map, but I think I have done a good enough job for a first version. I also plan on adding more detail to the map in the future to improve its overall look.

-The map has a control room that allows players to alter the map in many ways:
  • The map has hidden passages that can be toggled by a switch in the control room.
  • The control room allows you to start a "20 second lock down" which can only be done once every minute. These lock downs shut and lock all doors in the map.
  • The control room has a switch that allows for you to toggle the lights. There will still be faint red lights active in certain areas while the lights are off. Lights in the hidden passages are always on.

-Within the hidden passages is a room with a button in it. If you press the button, the room's exits close and all players inside are killed. Players can draw the murderer into this room and press the button. The person who presses the button will die in the process, but it is a worthy cause.

-There are speakers throughout the map playing background music ("Run like Hell"-Pink Floyd, The Wall) and they play the occasional voice line (voiced by me) for announcing Lock downs. 

I am probably going to update this map soon, and I plan on getting it play tested somewhere if I can.



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Development Info

I was somewhat inspired by the maps mu_steamlab and ttt_clue. I find these two maps to be very fun, because they are small and very complex. Both maps are very enclosed which helps put the murderer on an equal playing field with the bystanders.

I plan on tweaking the maps optimization, adding more detail, making the map a bit prettier, fixing any bugs I find, adding more areas or features to the map.

This is the first time I have completed a map that I am somewhat proud of. It's not an excellent map by any means, but I think that is the best out of every map I have ever made. This is also the first Gmod map I have made. All of my other maps were TF2 related.

I enjoyed making this map, and I hope to improve on it.


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