the bouncy map

A Map for Quake 4

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Maps Name : q3dm16_q4s-The Bouncy Map Q4 Installation directory : /q4base/q3dm16_q4s.pk4 Author : Steven Thomas, AKA --==Steveo==-- Email Address : steve_2003_01 AT hotmail DOT COM Map's description : I'am not into doing remakes of other peoples maps but I havent had any ideas lately for a new map layout and I thought that remaking one of ID Softwares masterpeices would be cool. I did use lots of the original brushwork but did modify and add new brush work which had to be done due to problems I was having. I'am releasing this map to you as a holiday present from me, Hope you enjoy the map and have a great holiday season. Happy Holidays! Map's Specs : # of players supported: A max of 8 players is recomended. Gametypes: deathmatch, team deathmatch, & tourney Important Info : This map is almost all wide open so there is alot of lights in view which may cause performance issues on older computers. I have edited the lights to different detail levels which you can choose from, please read below... If you are getting slow performance on this map you can type any of the following command's in the console which can be acessed by pressing ctrl + alt + ~ Command: Result: r_lightdetaillevel 2 Turns off all orange lights down bottom which there are alot of, only for added detail.-minor improvement r_lightdetaillevel 3 Turns off all lights except for bounce pads, ambient, and the main light.-moderate improvement r_lightdetaillevel 10 Turns off all lights except ambient, and the main light.-best improvement Other info : My website: (be sure to check out my newly designed site, thanks to =Edo=) Additional Credits to : ID Software for the original map. Yves Allaire aka "evillair" for his amazing eX quake 4 texture set which was used in this map. Thanks to : JmAn, and =Edo= for there support, Brian K. Trepanier, and MNeMiC for there tutorials, and Doom 3 Files For hosting my site



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    Pros: one of my fave maps in quake 3,
    Notes: remake Q2DM1- The Edge (properly) cos id softwares attempt is Ok but not the greatest. Ill be d/ling this as soon as i reinstall Q4


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