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A Map for Team Fortress 2

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f1n4l 22d
  • Addition New 9 square minigame
  • Addition Added some bananas
  • Adjustment Made it harder to access secret boss minigame
  • Optimization Motivator now glows properly
  • Optimization Minor fixes and some visual bugs
  • Optimization File size is now 20 mb
  • Removal Removed sentries from first area
  • BugFix Reinvigorate my hatred for the hammer editor
fin3 existed but required stripper to run so now its fin4l.
fin4l broke cuz sentry logic got broke since i removed them.
f1n4l should work
fin2 8mo BugFix fin1 8mo BugFix5 Amendment Addition Tweak6 Improvement2 final1 12mo Optimization Feature
Dr_dangerzone_beta1 takes place inside of a radioactive sewer filled to the brim with (you guessed it)
RADIOACTIVE CROCODILES!. The main theme of this map mainly centers around 
(you guessed it again) dangerous environments which includes many lasers and crocodile infested nuclear sewage. At start of the map, runners will have to enter a giant toilet and enter the sewers which will later lead to a water refinement plant and further in it changes into a future-looking place filled with lasers.

This map features :

-10 player activated traps
-5 auto traps and lots of parkour elements.
-A free run button 
-A motivator
-2 Minigames ( Spinner, Timed parkour

AND, this map does not feature: Chance traps, Unfair traps which runners have no chance to passing, Hidden traps and rusher doors (okay there's 1 but that doesn't count)

Personally, i wanted to make a map which integrate parkour into deathrun without making it too difficult for newer players to play on. One way i have tried to do so is by making the Red laser not a insta-kill but rather simply hurt the player. I have set the runners health to be 125 hp and the red laser will deal 124 dmg/s leaving 1 hp for those who may have made a mistake on the parkour and auto trap segments so that making errors are not that punishing to newer players. Also, i have tried my best to make traps as obvious to runners so that they will not be confused and blindly walk into a trap and then dying unfairly.

This is also my first map i have made so pls don't be upset if it is broken or not up to quality. I will update the map should bugs arise or if i find any parts of the map which may cause a unfair death.

Music that are played in the map are:
Syrsa - Daunter (freerun music)
The world revolving (spinner music)

Beta2 fix patch notes
-Fixed traps activating more than once
-Made the first parkour section easier
-Fixed 2nd trap not killing players properly
-Reworked auto trap leading out of sewers to be easier
-Fixed players escaping 8th trap 
-Made the 4 trap activate faster
-Fixed some visual bugs
-Added spawn music
-Made spinner mini less blue
-Made the parkour mini somewhat easier

Dr_dangerzone_final update list:
-Fixed runners evading motivator in sewers
-Made 7th trap faster
-Added 1 new minigame (boss survival)
-Added 1 secret minigame (boss fight)
-Made spinner mini somewhat brighter
-Extended 4th trap range 
-Fixed spawn door being blocked by players (again)
-Expanded runners afk trigger_hurt
-Added secret portable dispensers and small medkits
-Added small details

Description of the minigames:
-Spinner mini
Its a basic spinner minigame but centered with a jevil theme to it.

-Hardcore Parkour
Its a very challenging and timed based minigame which was inspired by soviet run from dr_cocainum,however instead of being chased by stalin you are getting chased by something even more sinister...

-Boss survival
Its a small room filled that will slowly flood in with skeletons over time. Runners are able to break the glass holding "portable sentries" that will help kill the skeletons. Eventually, king skeletons will spawn which are hard to kill and will deal alot of damage if you are not careful. Also this minigame makes you tiny which allows you to take more knockback from enemies which can allow you to evade enemies and pick up health packs. (this is an experimental minigame, im not sure how well it will work with 30+ ppl in such a small area)

-Boss fight
This secret minigame requires a few steps to unlock it.
First, shoot the owo right outside of spawn.
Second, hit the right trash bag at the end of the map, near the insta win 
Third, enter the insta win (it should turn into lava if you did it right)
Fourth, Enter in the code 2-4-6-8 (note: hit the very middle of the buttons, hit anywhere else on the buttons and you die instantly)
If you have done everything correctly. It will teleport you back to the end of the map with the boss fight door opened.
Oh and btw, This minigame has been designed to be very difficult and only for the most experienced of players. So if you enter this minigame... 
Be prepared.

p.s if you enter this minigame with a full sever. Everyone will hate you for it

Last notes:
Frankly, i want this to be the final edit to this map. Not much has changed from its beta and that is due to my busy life and limited knowledge of the hammer editor. I have also grown tired of working on this map for the past year. I do not have much plans on adding anything new as i have reached the ent limit on this map with all the lasers and particles. I will be adding a skial version to this map later, since the vsh plugin prevents the respawnall from respawning the runners to the minigames.
Closing off, i hope you enjoy my map, it has been a passion project for me and now that it has been made, i wish it will provide a unique experience to those who play it.


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  • access_time 4mo
    What is the song for the boss fight?
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  • Germa312 avatar
    Germa312 Joined 2y ago
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    access_time 8mo
    Pack your map with the assets. Skial reverted back to final1 because fin1 does not have all the assets
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  • Cream Tea avatar
    Cream Tea Joined 4y ago
    379 points Ranked 48526th
    access_time 1y
    It's a fun map and having a lot of parkour elements makes for a change.

    There is one thing I would love for you to address, there are two blind spots from the motivator (sentries) that have been discovered on the server this is running on (Skial). The two columns in the first area lets players slowly move around them as the motivator goes past meaning they don't get shot.

    An easy way to fix this would be to make a trigger_hurt that does over a thousand damage, have it enable around each column as it goes past, create an extra path track at the point where it goes past the columns so you can trigger it at the right moment.

    You could also be more creative and make an extra sentry pop-up behind each column instead of a trigger_hurt.

    Apart from this great map so far!
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  • Coronarena avatar
    Coronarena Joined 3y ago
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    access_time 1y
    After playing this map for a bit, I'd say this is an excellent map. It looks appealing in most of the areas, the traps are (mostly) fair throughout, and it's generally a lot of fun from what I've seen.

    In terms of improvements, there could be more music, and maybe adjustments for a few traps (although it may just be me bad at parkour :P)

    For your first map, this is brilliant!
    I make maps and crash servers
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  • worMatty avatar
    worMatty Joined 6y ago
    access_time 1y edit 7mo
    I've just had a bit of a look around, tested out some of the traps and I think your map looks pretty good. I like that it's not just a bunch of long corridors, that the style and size of the rooms changes in each area. I'm looking forward to playing this on a public server with other players.

    I read that you're taking a bit of a break after having released this version, so I won't give any feedback right now.
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