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Path of Hope

A Map for Celeste

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V1.0.3 Minor Bugsquash 18d
  • BugFix Removed Out of Bounds Spawnpoint
  • Adjustment Minor Visual Adjustments in "???!"
  • Removal Removed Unused Icon (again)
  • Addition Debug Spawnpoints for practicing "???!" added
  • Addition Added bonus Dialog, as per suggestion of people who got into a specific spot all the time
  • Adjustment Updated Localization Files (heh)
Fingers crossed that this might be the final one.
V1.0.2 Found Gold 29d BugFix V1.0.1 Lied about final version I guess 30d Removal Tweak Path of Hope 2 Electric Boogaloo (Final Release) 30d Addition3 Adjustment Overhaul Version 0.9.1 "Whoops did a goof." 10mo BugFix

Don't get stuck in Space Jelly.

A small Chapter focusing around Move Blocks and Dream Jelly/Space Jam, rounded off with a custom aesthetic.

Now includes A-,B- and C-Sides, thank you to everyone who waited!

Requires at least Everest 995 or higher. Works completely with the Farewell DLC(TM)

A list of more Credits (Music etc.) is included in the Download.

Path of Hope is now an offical Category on's Custom Map Leaderboards.
If you wish to contribute a speedrun for any side and get onto the leaderboards, then head over there and read the rules section! Thank you for enjoying Path of Hope!



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  • Ezel142 avatar
    Ezel142 Joined 20d ago
    175 points Ranked 57923rd
    access_time 20d edit 20d
    Really enjoyed this map. It uses basic mechanics in ways that the vanilla game didn't show, and that makes this level quite unique. The B-Side and C-Side still occasionally show some new ways of using the dream blocks and moving platforms, so the levels aren't too repetitive.

    The difficulty is aimed to be at least somewhat challenging, but the checkpoint system is really generous in this level, so if you fail, you don't lose much progress. Due to it, the level feels like it belongs in Celeste.

    The visuals are nice and the quality is pretty consistent. It's obviously inspired by Deltarune, and the soundtrack makes it even more fun to do. I love Deltarune's soundtrack so hearing it again made me quite happy.

    Overall, a solid map. It doesn't try to go overboard with custom stuff, so it tries to have vanilla-ish level design, and it's used in a good way, as it introduces new setups of platforms and blocks that weren't used in the original game. Good job, looking forward to more stuff
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  • Mizio3256 avatar
    Mizio3256 Joined 12mo ago
    access_time 23d
    Done all things (Including 4 goldens)
    Fantastic mod i cant wait to see more :3
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  • access_time 28d
    Difficulty: 8/10 (You have to have skill with the wall dash and the "new" mechanical: transport block jump boost)
    Music: 10/10 (11/10 for the C-side music)
    Environment: 9/10 (At first glance it is difficult to see some transport blocks on the dark background)
    All complete (No golden strawberries) in 1:15:18, 300 deaths and 296 sprints. Well, that's random. 
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  • orbittwz avatar
    orbittwz Joined 1y ago
    1,384 points Ranked 22165th
    9 medals 1 rare
    • Returned 1000 times Medal icon
    • One month a member Medal icon
    • Returned 100 times Medal icon
    • Submitted 1 Tool Medal icon
    • Received thanks 5 times Medal icon
    • 6 months a member Medal icon
    access_time 29d
    Such a great set of maps!
    Beautiful, creative, innovative, true inspiration for me to experience this...
    Would recommend anyone who want to play Custom Content :)
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  • Tripication avatar
    Tripication Joined 3mo ago
    access_time 3mo
    34 minutes.
    220 Deaths.
    All Strawberries and B-Side unlocked.

    THIS MAP WAS SO VISUALLY PLEASING, and I love the easter egg too ;).

    Can't wait to play the B-Side man!
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  • Tegge avatar
    Tegge Joined 7mo ago
    access_time 7mo
    I really enjoy this map! Cool textures, platforming and I like the ambience. The music also fits the atmosphere very well. I'm looking forward to the B-Side and further maps from you. Thanks!
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  • Meowsmith avatar
    Meowsmith Joined 1y ago
    317 points Ranked 50047th
    access_time 9mo edit 20d
    This is one of those maps you play because you're recommended to by the community. A lot of work and effort has gone into creatively making an environment that is uniquely different than the main game.

    Averaging on the easier side, this level focuses around move blocks and dream blocks as its gimmicks. Does it do these well? More often than not, yeah. Some sections feel particularly automated with little input on behalf of the player, however.

    I feel like Flagpole should trust the player more to make more movements in a room, even if the map was designed from an easier standpoint. Simplicity is often done with execution in tandem with length, which is to say that creating a bunch of obstacles is not directly linked with a "hard" level.

    Still. This is a neat looking stroll on the beach. Even if you're looking for something more complicated, it's worth the five minute glance you give to this level and its aesthetic.
    "It's okay, I guess"
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  • access_time 9mo
    For some reason my game crashed after the song ended.
    I used the one click installer and had GhostNet on at the time.
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  • Mizio3256 avatar
    Mizio3256 Joined 12mo ago
    access_time 9mo
    All i can say is that this pice of art is breathtaking, i enjoyed every second of it and the cassete screen was amazing.
    Just to simply put it 10/10 and i cant wait for the b-side to be done!
    Thank You very much for it!

    URL to post:
  • KingAcorn85 avatar
    KingAcorn85 Joined 10mo ago
    access_time 10mo
    Just finished the map, absolutely loved it. Wonderful job with the textures, platforming, and general ambiance!
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Flagpole1up Joined 1y ago
442 points Ranked 46620th
Map Maker
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0x0ade Joined 1y ago
Celeste Manager
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Being extra Coolio.


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Flagpole1up Joined 1y ago
442 points Ranked 46620th
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