A Map for Counter-Strike 1.6

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Map by Tatu Eugen

If you enjoy my work and want me to continue, you can donate how much do you want, i apreciate. Thanks!

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Map created by Tatu Eugen

This map is a remake from CS:GO to CS 1.6
original map is Arena Mod but i turned into
FY map for 32 players.

Textures by Valve

Original map by TopHATTwaffle
(CS:GO Version)


Alternate File Sources

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    Danial Zahid
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    22d 22d

    As always, aesthetically a well made map.
    Almost everything seems in order, neat, and on point, speaking in terms of design and detail.

    It's well optimized. The WPoly count basically stays around 700 which is good, however, it can be optimized (reduced) further (see below for that).

    The gameplay seems to be balanced with equal opportunities provided to both teams.

    Good job on the texture work; blending seamlessly nicely with the whole map (skybox, objects, etc.).
    The lighting is on point as well.

    However, despite all that good work you did there, there are two noticeable issues with the map which I'll explain below.

    I. Unnecessary Brushes Chopping

    If you enable the wireframe mode, you can actually see that a lot of brushes here and there are unnecessarily getting chopped (some screenshots of some of such brushes/areas — 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th), thus increasing the WPoly count.
    I'd recommend you to turn such brushes into Func_Detail.

    II. Textures Chopping / Misalignment

    (Related to the issue mentioned above — I) Due to the brushes chopping each other, you can clearly notice that the textures are also getting chopped, thus causing misalignments (screenshots — 1st, 2nd).
    You can take care of this misalignment simply by either having a good brushwork to avoid their chopping so the misalignments are not created, or you can simply select all those misaligned brushes (their faces basically) and align them in the same way (using the Texture Application tool).

    Anyhow, I had fun playing the map. Also, pretty fine map for a quick warmup.
    Can't seem to suggest anything besides, by the way, as everything in the map seems on point.

    That's all.
    Good luck!

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    Nice work, don't worry about recreating the next big CS:GO map - these small maps are great.
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    plz make the new dust2 from cs go

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    Sharking Again! ;)
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    wow! the legend is back! finally!!!!! omg! what is the next map you want to recreate? new inferno is the one most of your fans want <3
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    Good one mate.
    Another Black Mesa Fan <3
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    Good Bro
    BeSt Map
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    Mapper - [LiZoU MapP3R]
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Key Authors
Tatu Eugen
Original Authors
Original Map


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Tatu Eugen

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