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A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

beta vers


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  • Koloax Nowfollowsrules avatar
    access_time 1y
    is this a gmod and hl2 map?
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    Danial Zahid avatar
    Danial Zahid
    Bug Zapper
    access_time 1y edit 1y
    Not really sure if this level is supposed to be Counter-Strike: Source one, but judging the design and its name, it seems so.
    Without any specific details on the level type and such, it's hard to judge it, especially the gameplay.

    I'm assuming you meant to make it a small sized level for quick matches(?), and for that, it's actually good, although you could enlarge the level a bit more on all the sides to provide a more balanced gameplay for both teams.

    Speaking of the teams here, as pointed out by another member, there's an issue with the spawn points as I can't join any team (it says both teams are full). Probably you forgot to place the spawn points I believe. You may want to take a look at that.

    As there's no proper level type defined, I'd suggest making it for the FY type (as this seems more appropriate judging the overall level), with both teams spawning on opposite sides of the building.
    And, adding several more props and objects outside to provide more covering points for the players.

    Moreover on this, cloning/adding that watchtower you placed near the water on the opposite side of the level to make it balanced for both teams in terms of gameplay.

    Noticed that the shadow/light direction isn't set properly according to the skyobox/sun as you can notice in this screenshot as well.

    Judging the outside area, well, while it might not be a big deal if you want to leave the boundaries of the level as is (currently, no coverings/objects/etc. around the boundaries which makes it look kind of weird and bad, honestly), tweaking them and adding some kind of objects and/or doing proper brushwork to add walls/etc. would definitely make them look detailed and appropriate.

    What's up with those barricades inside the water heh? Was that intentional?
    Seems a bit weird in my opinion, unless they were there for some purpose.

    Here, you could make the top/ending part of the ladder rounded (I really don't know the actual term for that, or whatever that is called) like in this screenshot to make them look more appropriate actually as they currently are just straight standing ladders which don't make sense at all, you know.

    Other than that, I liked the textures and the lighting of of the level. They seem fine and well chosen. Good job on these!
    The skybox choice is good as well. The overall level seems good and fun to play actually.

    Once you fix the issue of the spawn points, then I'd be able to provide more feedback based on the gameplay/with players.

    That's all.
    Keep it up!

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    Clener74 avatar
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    access_time 1y edit 1y
    Right off the bat I gotta say, I can't seem to be able to play this map. The game tells me both teams are already full, and the console gave me this error when I tried to force a bot to spawn:
    No valid walkable seed positions. Cannot generate Navigation Mesh.

    The game doesn't seem to consider any part of the map to be a valid spawn point. Seeing as how all of your CS:S screenshots are taken as a spectator, it could've been on purpose, but I don't see the point.

    With that out of the way, I'm actually pretty fond of the map. It's properly balanced between being spacious and having things like cover, walls and the like. Some maps are often too plain and lead to you dying from a shot fired from the opposite spawn, while others look like they belong in COD instead.

    As you can't spawn anybody into the map, I'm unable to tell where each team starts each round, so judging how the design affects gameplay itself would be currently impossible.

    If I'm to guess that a team spawns outside while the other has to defend the house though, I'd say that one half of the outside isn't exactly protective. Those spawning close to the enclosed train or shed could potentially have much more comfortable rounds than those, say, by the water or the armor panel.

    I'm also assuming those who spawn at the sniping tower start at its top rather than at the base. If true, then that makes the tower arguably the only safe spot on that half.

    Besides checking out your spawn points just in case, the other things I would do with the design are:

    - Removing non-entrance doors from the house. As a whole, it appears small and narrow in pretty much all rooms and corridors. Judging by how the doors don't have any handles I know that all you gotta do is push them, but even then some of them feel somewhat excessive.

    I'm talking about doors that don't lead inside or outside, but to another room instead. That is, the brown double doors on both floors, and the white one on the first floor that leads to that small space with the window looking at the water.

    - Adding one more armor panel to the "barricade" section of the outside.

    - Eventually I would also consider adding walls or a 3D skybox to give the map borders. In the end that's purely an aesthetic choice, anyway.

    Two last things to look at - the water has a missing texture from underneath.

    There's also this thing here that I don't really get. It doesn't seem like a solid, but I cannot confirm.

    Soundscapes would also do the map a huge favor. Doesn't necessarily have to be anything big, but there are sounds especially appropriate for water. An occasional "wooshing" wind sound would work too. Think of cs_militia.

    That's all I have to say. I believe this map could turn out to be a lot of quick fun just like the game is meant to be!
    No one beats me at Puyo Puyo. avatar
    No one beats me at Puyo Puyo.
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