Dust 2019

A Map for Counter-Strike 1.6


  • BugFix Ladder clipping through wall
  • BugFix Removed buy function
  • Improvement The rock wall is now 3 parts, instead of one
  • Overhaul Redesigned the Dust Wall and doorway
  • Removal Removed 4 HE grenade pick-up on each team
  • Adjustment Reduced team HE grenade pick-up from 5 to 2
  • Addition Add a HE grenade pick-up on top of the side large crate

Thanks to tarsisd2 & Danial Zahid for providing feedback.

There are still classic FY servers, which provides more challenge than modern FY servers (which has parachutes and rocket jump).

TBH, the rock wall could be simply due to the game engine, because there's another wall (the large crate) sticking on it.

And I am using Valve Hammer 3.4, not the Unofficial version.

v1812 2mo
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    Danial Zahid
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    2mo 1mo

    The layout of the level reminds me of fy_snow, since both share almost same layouts, although fy_snow doesn't have a rooftop area like yours.

    I don't know why, but the environment lighting looks quite good, which is what caught my attention at a glance on the screenshot and led me to play this level.

    The rooftop addition is definitely a good idea to add more fun and provide more ways to fight. Good job!
    And yes, those bridges were a nice idea, too.

    About textures, I'd say the same thing I said before in another level assessment, which is that the default dust textures are quite cliché now.
    Seeing them used in every other 'dust themed' level has become tedious, honestly.
    So, I'd only suggest considering some new dust textures (and there are a lot of them as far as I can tell) which are more pleasing than these ones.

    I'm not saying they look bad though, but you could improve them actually by using some different/new ones than the default ones.

    Speaking of the textures, there's one more noticeable issue on the corner sides of the level, which is the bad usage of the textures flow.
    Take a look at this screenshot and you will get what I mean. You notice how there are three different textures on those walls which are joined together and look completely random (right to left; one has a rock texture, the other has a window with bricks one which is blurred/stretched out, and another brick with a trim one).

    Well, this makes it look bad to be honest, and definitely something you should avoid doing.
    Judging the layout, I'd suggest sticking with only one of them (probably the brick one with the trim), unless you have a better idea about that.

    This is supposed to be a FY type level and seeing that you have provided enough arsenal to the players (on the ground) already, the shop isn't supposed to be there, right?
    In any case, I'd suggest removing it, which is more appropriate for this level type.

    I noticed a minor issue here, that is, the ladder is overlapping the wall and is noticeable at a glance.
    It's present on all the sides, not just this one. You may want to take a look at that.

    I'm not sure if you are already familiar with this, but it's recommended to always use the BEVEL/NULL texture on those solid faces/textures which can't be seen by/rendered to the players in-game.
    Here's one example of such view (yes, it's not a playable area, though these unnecessary faces/textures are increasing the WPoly of the level).
    So, you should use the BEVEL/NULL texture instead to save up the WPoly count.

    This looks weird and kind of bad, honestly. Instead of just carving it like that, you could do a proper brushwork to provide a detailed and actual doorway which makes sense.

    Notice how the crate clipping the wall causes the wall texture to get screwed up?
    You can simply fix that by selecting all the brushes/textures of that wall and aligning them in a same way (by face or world, treating as one, etc.) using the texture properties.

    Overall, simple and short, but interesting to play. A few bugs and issues fixes as well as some improvements to the textures and the geometry here and there and then this level will be more better.
    I personally liked the rooftop area, which is probably a distinct feature of this level.

    That's all.
    Keep it up!


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  • tarsisd2 avatar
    tarsisd2 Joined 2y ago
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    nice map

    didn't like the 3 nades at the corners, make it interesting, 1 at the corners, 1 in the middle, at the doors in both sides, and 1 each side in the top center, this makes things interesting.
    maybe awp at the box in the middle sides, since almost every server uses parachute, they can get it from the top, in my servers, we use double jump, so anyone can get it!
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