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jb_wetworks - A Map for Team Fortress 2

One of the 3 jailbreak maps I have made for fun, probably the map i've spent most work on

Still very much a work in progress

Red Light Green Light
Strafe Race
Speed Run
Assassin's Creed
Admin Only Games (Hungergames, Hide and Seek, Warday. All of which is accessed by noclipping/teleporting into the wall opposite of armoury)
Alot of secrets (some class specific)

v11 fixes the missing music
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    where it all started...
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    Exceptional effort
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    Hey there.

    I've taken a look at all of the maps you posted today, and i'm gonna be straight up with you, they need some work. I understand that they're all work in progress, but I feel that posting them all at the same time wasn't the best idea. People who see these maps may not want to put them on their servers, and won't bother coming back to look at them, even when they're all polished and finished.


    The file size is far too large. You can reduce this by using BSPZip, or programs similar. Again - I understand that the map is a work in progress, but you could compress the map easily just incase someone would want to use the map on their server.

    Textures and detail

    Specifically, the water textures used for the drains and cell ladder can be replaced by models. The water texture you used looks like it's from TopHATTwaffle's Water Source Pack -  Which is totally fine, however using a small waterfall model could look much better here. (also, please please please give credit! I see a lot of models (ie, the birds, the red dev textures from simple, etc) that are not from TF2, and people that create custom textures & models spend a lot of time on them! Giving credit to them is the least you could do!)

    As for the water itself - It's very buggy, and frequently switches between a dark blue and a completely seethrough texture. This seems like it could've been caused by a fastvis compile, and even if it wasn't, I recommend you use a different water texture, as water/water_well has it's own issues. This goes for the water in disco, too.

    I found quite a lot of brushwork issues, and that's something im gonna let you look through, as there are way too many issues to count. The detailing was another issue that I was very confused about. I see a map right now that is very plain, and very simple. however, you're mixing in props here and there, which makes the map barely even have a theme, and makes it look like a mess. You can't have a map that looks like a blocky, simple area, and have props mixed into it. it doesn't work. I think you should try to rehaul your map, and redo the themeing entirely. (or just, delete the unnecessary props scattered around the map..)


    There are a lot of problems with the minigames, and i'm not going to get into them all, however, I'll go through the ones with the most issues. As a side note, some of the games seen on your map are confusing, and I don't know what to do when I'm in them. That can easily be fixed by displaying a
    game_text_tf entity a few seconds before the game starts, so the players aren't confused. Along with that, If you put a description of some of the never before seen minigames on the gamebanana page itself, I'm sure that would help a ton too.


    Cannon is just..confusing. I've tried everything to try and get the game to work, I've had a friend come and try to start it, i've forced myself onto the platform on the bottom, and I honestly just can't figure out the point of this game. I'm gonna assume that its a work in progress, and leave it at that.


    While the layout and spectate areas are fine, you didn't disable the gravity properly. This was an issue with the game "Assassin's Creed" in Albany, because a player would die in the game, and respawn the next round floating in their cell, unable to escape. This is an issue here, too. The gravity isn't disabled, and the players end up either floating across the map when they finish, or they are floating in their cell the next round. The quickest fix for this would be to replace the trigger_gravity with a trigger_push. (This goes for Assassin's Creed, too!)


    The ending of climb is copy-pasted from Buns' remake of hopjb. Please, let me emphasize that you cannot directly copy and paste something from someone else's map without their permission. I understand if you decompiled maps to learn from them, but there's a difference between learning and stealing.


    Obby is just way, way, way too hard. Especially for people who have higher pings. I suggest that you change it.

    The Layout

    The layout is unplayable, confusing, and not easy to work with. I understand that the REDs need to stay in the water, but the way it's designed just doesn't work. Minigame entrances are very, very confusing, and impossible to navigate. This goes for the buttons too, as they're facing the wrong way and are very oversized.


    That's it for this map. In my opinion you need to learn how to make minigames, and maps in general, before publishing things like this. I understand that we all start somewhere, but this isn't a good place. I also suggest that you take the map down, as it uses content from other maps without permission. If you choose to keep it up, atleast give credit to the creators of the models, textures, and minigames. Best of luck to you.

    EDIT: This post basically goes for all of your other maps published today too. They all have the same issues, all take from other maps, and all need more work.
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    You know what this name reminds me of?
    Big! Scary! And pink!
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