A Map for Counter-Strike 1.6

A town on the US Border in a not so distant dystopian future where the beginnings
of a civil war break out against an increasingly fascist regime.

Update: Added a .nav file (just the stock one generated by CSCZ) and updated the .txt file.
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  • Xnder avatar
    Xnder Joined 4mo ago
    I had a lot of fun on this map, maybe the ground textures can be better in some parts or can change for another maybe.

    ADD: For CTF or TTT servers, this map will be a good options to play it
    OFF: mexican don't like this map (?


    Sigma Station
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    LiLNaiG Joined 2mo ago
    nice map


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    Danial Zahid
    Bug Zapper
    2mo 2mo

    I played the level for a while and also left the BOTs playing it alone, and this was the result of leaving the BOTs playing for a good couple of minutes.
    I believe this is probably due to no proper manual navigation mesh file generation.

    I see that most of the objects are made up of brushwork, including minor and major objects, and still the overall WPoly seems to be okay, with only a few areas where it goes above 1000.
    Basically, the level is well optimized. Good job on this.

    While it's not an issue if you are preferring to go with brushwork for everything, I would recommend using some models as well, mostly for detailing and complex objects.
    For instance, this tower and the wires could be used in the form of models to save up the extra altitude/space created by the tower as well as saving up the WPoly.

    There are a few other objects as well that I'd recommend converting into models, these are just an example.

    Speaking of the textures, just like some other members pointed out, the dust textures don't blend very well.
    Like, the default dust road texture is too cliché now and generally doesn't look quite well in this level when compared with the other textures. What I would suggest you is trying some newer versions of dust textures if you still want to go with them as there are plenty of texture resources regarding that.

    It's not just about the road texture though, the crate, trim, wall, etc. too. In short, replacing all the default dust textures with newer versions or different ones that blend with the rest of the level textures.

    Apart from this dust texture issue, you did a good job with the overall textures. Pretty neat and well used.

    I'm not sure, but are these areas accessible by the players in some way? Because, I tried every possible way, but wasn't able to.

    If not accessible, you may want to turn the textures of these areas into the BEVEL (or NULL) for the obvious reasons.

    A minor suggestion here, you could make those wood pieces breakable heh.

    Well, that's all I guess. Everything else seems fine, the timing, gameplay, bomb sites placement, and all.

    Keep it up!


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    The map is not bad but somehow different from your previous works. Some old textures do not look good together with newer ones. The layout of the map feels oversized and bots can't leave their bases for some reason. These are my main complaints.


    Stop water fluoridation
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  • Freimaurer avatar
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    Brushwork is nice, but a bit too much mixed Standard textures. But Gameplay also seems good.

    The setting wasn't absolutely clear to me. Only that there is a US border control under Trump. From the other comment I noticed it is a mexican town with the Trump-wall on one side. You should clear this and the story of the map in a more detailed Readme-file.


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  • Detenog avatar
    Detenog Joined 12mo ago
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    As a Mexican I take this offensive and funny.
    Detenog was here!
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  • krisw avatar
    krisw Joined 7mo ago
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    It will be good to use another ground texture。
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    Feels like an official map. 

    Beware of Bad Hombres! 


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