A Map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

“ The games on this map really impressed the judges earning a perfect score in that category by nearly every judge. They praised the originality of the games included and how much fun they were to play on as well as the effort put in to even get some of these games work in CSGO. Some of the judges did feel the design was a bit bland in places while others liked the simplicity of it. Some judges also mentioned that rebelling was a bit difficult despite plenty of things to help the T's, the CT's had very defensible positions to stay in. However even with that, the amazing games carried this map deservedly to first place! ”


  • Improvement Beta 4


  • Added Dodge Course game
  • Added a friendly character who chooses a random player and follows them around
  • Added poison damage secret and new kill icon
  • Added lightning damage secret and new kill icon
  • Added CT-only secret to help them focus
  • Added ladder in climb that leads up to catwalk
  • HUD text added to explain all cell minigames
  • Added recall button to strafe jump

  • Made lunge secret easier to obtain and removed fall damage from obtaining it
  • Tapper now divides players into 4, 3 or 2 teams depending on the greatest common denominator
  • Tapper now displays the placement of each team in the score report at the end
  • Players in jumprope not holding guns will now be translucent
  • Rebalanced ice climb cell minigame: removed a jump and made 2 jumps easier
  • Rebalanced water race cell minigame: made all the holes wider
  • Rebalanced lasers cell minigame: added a few more lasers

Bugs Fixed
  • Jump in colors wasn't freezing players in place on easy difficulty, causing them to fail unless they jumped at a precise time
  • Fixed retaining low gravity if you survived to the end of the round holding the flight secret
  • Fixed flight secret HUD text remaining on your screen after you drop it
  • Fixed small section of floor you could stand on in medium and hard surf
  • Fix open button and difficulty sign being blurry on low texture settings
  • Custom kill icon damage will now be disabled when there are 1, 2 or 3 Ts left alive so self-damage is still dealt during LR
  • Potential fix for the rare issue where a random player was being teleported instead of the teleportation secret holder

Beta 4 2mo
  • Improvement Beta 3


  • Add portals on catwalks so CTs do not have to use the portals on the ground floor.
  • Add difficulty signs to strafe jump and surf.
  • Selection of HUD text color is now saved between rounds.
  • Spelling bee now plays a sound when the game is started.
  • Add tooltip to flight secret to tell the player they can inspect their weapon to toggle it on/off.
  • Add mp5sd to armory.
  • New, crisper skybox image. Made by ph1l-dk.
  • Add winner quantity buttons to decathlon and surf.
  • Added launcher pad to entry hall.

  • Lower colors difficulty. New round times are 4.5s, 4s, and 3.5s for easy, medium and hard. Before they were 3.5s, 2.5s, and 2s.
  • Label portals with where they lead.
  • Prevent cell vent from being noticably open or closed.
  • Portal open buttons are now gray before the cells are opened to make it clear they cannot be pressed.
  • Make last block on hard strafejump easier to see.
  • Move climb portal teleportation target to prevent players from running forward into toxic water.
  • Move awps down in armory so you don't have to jump to pick them up.
  • Make flight secret move you faster to make it more useful. (Thanks for the idea, Tethys.)
  • Make decathlon walls and gate thinner to make them less damage resistant.
  • Teleport players to center of colors when colors is stopped during the ladder command.
  • Add mipmaps for posters and spelling bee keyboards.
  • Add cubemaps.

Bugs Fixed
  • Fix players getting booted from csgar.io for no reason.
  • Prevent massive lag when many players are standing on a donut by disabling collisions for donuts.
  • Fix extra donuts spawning in climb.
  • Fix start button texture looking terrible on low quality.
  • Fix damage signs not resetting when round ends.
  • Fix taking damage if you are right against spelling bee doors on the outside.
  • Add solid brush under floor of csgar.io. On servers where you can fall through buttons you will no longer fall very far.
  • Consolation prize for finishing cell minigame after all the prizes are gone is now teleported to you properly instead of falling by the stairs.
  • Allow more strafing in colors for the run command.

Beta 3 3mo
Welcome to Noiseland Arcade! From the creator of jb_undertale and jb_avalanche comes a brand new jailbreak map. Every cell includes a minigame just like on jb_undertale, and the first few people to finish are rewarded with teleports to vents and random spots. Those who finish later are given guns, armor or a sweet hat. When the cell doors are opened the cell minigames go away, so you have to hurry!

This map features four completely new map games: CSG.ari.O, Rocket Tron, Spelling Bee, and Tap Terrorists. I also coded a new Colors minigame from scratch so I could add new commands and multi-action commands. I also created all the usual favorites, which you'll find in the list below. I wrote thousands of lines of code to create this map, so I hope you enjoy!

  • CSG.ari.O
  • Rocket Tron (4 players)
  • Spelling Bee (16 working keyboards)
  • Tap Terrorists, a competitive clicker game with upgrades
  • 9 Colors with multiple commands at the same time
  • Cell Minigames: Surf, No-Jump Climb, Water Race, Lasers, Longjumps, Bhop, Strafe Climb, Ice Climb, Normal Climb
  • Decathlon
  • Strafe Jump: easy, medium and hard; 0-20 damage
  • Surf: easy, medium and hard; 0-20 damage; recall and gate buttons
  • Extreme Jumprope (Jumprope combined with 4 colors, with the colors changing positions every round)
  • Strafe Climb, Easy Climb, Medium Climb and Hard Climb
  • Disco
  • Many secrets and vents

  • An sG community map created by thorgot.
  • Music by Darren Korb (Bastion), Danny B (Necrodancer), Daft Punk (Tron), Jeremy Soule (Morrowind), Shuki Levy (Super Mario Bros Show), The Who (Pinball Wizard)
  • Car model by Ronnie's Cars
  • Arcade machines by Spicy Apples
  • Some textures by Curre and Koga73. Skybox by ph1l-dk.
  • Some icons designed by Freepik and Scott de Jonge from Flaticon.
  • Compass rose designed by Ahkam
  • Globex and Nuclear Plant posters by Dave Perillo
  • All rights for The Simpsons belong to Fox Broadcasting Company

In order for player invisibility in climb and colors to work properly, you must set sv_disable_immunity_alpha 1. The map attempts to do this when it is loaded.

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Key Authors
thorgot Joined 8y ago
1,348 points Ranked 3949th
11 medals 1 legendary 1 rare
  • 1st Place - CSGO Jailbreak Mapping Contest Medal icon
  • 6 years a member Medal icon
  • One month a member Medal icon
  • 6 months a member Medal icon
  • 1 year a member Medal icon
  • 2 years a member Medal icon


thorgot avatar
thorgot Joined 8y ago
1,348 points Ranked 3949th
11 medals 1 legendary 1 rare
  • 1st Place - CSGO Jailbreak Mapping Contest Medal icon
  • 6 years a member Medal icon
  • One month a member Medal icon
  • 6 months a member Medal icon
  • 1 year a member Medal icon
  • 2 years a member Medal icon

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