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nms_gun_store_v4 (beta 5)

A Map for No More Room in Hell


Version 4 (beta 5) 9mo
  • - Increased the number of simultaneous zombies to 110 (past value 85).
  • - Increased the final wave time to 3 minutes.
  • - Evacuation is changed.
  • - Some visual changes
  • - Now for activate the trap you also have to find a propane
  • - The map optimization is a bit improved - for almost all models, visibility distance made, also the rendering distance of the map is decreased (value Far Z Clip Plane).
  • - One of a door is fixed, through which it was possible to go beyond wall.
  • - And other small changes and fixes.
Version 4 (beta 4) 10mo Version 4 (beta 3) 10mo Version 4 (beta 2) 10mo Version 4 (beta 1) 10mo
This is an improved version of the old map nms_gun_store_b7, authored by Porkchops4lunch. This map is liked by many players, and it can often be found on servers (there are even servers that are dedicated to this map). However, this map could have much more potential - a better level design, an atmosphere, increased difficulty, correction of some bugs (you could climb to a flower bed and kill zombies without consequences, or take items through an indoor safe.) Gun_store_v1 passed through a lot of beta-versions, which were tested by many players on my personal server, and even the Porkchops4lunch.This was for me a good experience in the development of maps, which I want to use already in the creation of my new nmo map, but if the players find some mistakes in this version or have a proposal that will like the author - will be released v2 (however, I will pay more attention to the development of my map). This version does not extend the original map, and only improves it!

Special thanks to the Porkchops4lunch for having accepted to send me the source of the map and for permission to publish the created version.

Main changes:

- Improved level design and its change in some places of the map (for example shooting range)

- Most textures have been changed to better ones

- Difficulty of the map is increased

- Fix bugs and glitches

- The amount of ammo in the store for balance has been greatly reduced (also the flare gun was removed)

- Added trap

- Added soundscapes

- And many other minor changes.

Version 2:

- Decreased welding time.

- Decreased brightness of light in a store.

- Fixed incorrect coordinates of some textures.

- Added clip brushes to prevent glithes.

- Difficulty is increased.

- And other minor fixes and improvements.

Version 3:
- Replacing some textures

- New lighting and design store

- The difficulty of map is greatly increased.

- Increased time a trap (before 2 minutes, now 4)

- Fixed over 20 glitches that player could use

- Now you can build more boards on barricades points.

- Disable spawn during evacuation

- Other minor fixes and improvements.

Version 4 (beta 1):

• New lighting - new weather and skybox, added fog, rain and wind. UPD: Improved rain optimization - now it will not significantly affect performance.

• Events of the map now take place in the southern USA.

• Most of textures on the map have been changed.

• In general, the map's appearance has undergone major changes - ex?ept new textures, many models have been changed, some props and decals have been removed, and new decals, models, particles, and light sources have been added).

• The appearance of the store and motel has been significantly changed (lighting, textures, models, added barricades in front of the destroyed hole of the store)

• Finally improved optimization. Added new areaportals and hints - unlike b7 and v3, now the game will not draw areas that are not visible to the player anywhere on the map. Also some brushes was converted into func_detail, which created a lot of portals.

• Added color correction (I don't recommend disabling it in the settings - the map lighting is adjusted to this correction).

• Reduced the duration of the trap (from 240 seconds to 60 seconds)

• Changed 3D skybox

• Decreased the number of simultaneous zombies on the map from 110 to 85, as on all official NMS maps.

• Due to rain being added, a soundscape was changed. In addition, the map now has its own soundscape, and new atmospheric sounds have been added.

• Removed the crazy spawn of runners and children, which I added to make the map more hard, but this only ruined the balance map. Now runners and children will spawn as before - through wave_controller as on all official nms_maps.

• Welding progress is no longer saved, so welders will need to be cover by teammates. The welding time is not changed (standard 40 seconds).

• Changed the location of the chainsaw

• Removed the room that could be accessed by using the ladder - this disturbed the map balance and players could be in the room or on the stairs, distracting the zombies from the zone, but avoiding fight.

• Removed some welding locations and added new ones (more than 10 new locations).

• Fixed all potential glitches (added a lot of clips, also fixed npc_clips from old versions).

• Fixed navigation compared to 3 version - removed a lot of unused navigation zones (50-100 zones) that were generated by the game in inaccessible places and in the air - now size of .nav file is 100 kilobytes (version 3 - 1 megabyte). Also, now the zombies should better avoid obstacles and not get stuck, as it was in the old versions.

• And there are a lot of other changes and fixes that I forgot to mention or that don't require attention.

Version 4 (beta 2):

• Added cubemaps for LDR lighting. But I recommend playing only on HDR lighting - the map was made for this type of lighting, and the map will be too dark on LDR lighting.

• Map lighting brightness a bit reduced (light_environment)

• Some tree models changed.

• Lighting slightly changed in some places on the map.

• Sound of rain a bit decreased in indoors.

Version 4 (beta 3):

• The lighting in the store is slightly changed (there became a bit lighter) and the store design is changed also.• Navigation is improved (some unused navigation zones are removed).

• Soundscapes are placed all over the map - now spectators will hear correct soundscape, becouse during flying they might not use triggers to activate the soundscapes.

• Welding time of ammo is descreased (from 40 seconds to 30 seconds).

• And other small changes and fixes.

Version 4 (beta 4):

• Added a bit vegetation.

• Location of one of the health stations is changed.

• Added compatibility for custom models to DX8 and DX9 (Shader Model 2).

• Added final 11 wave (in the game it not displays), where you have to defend for 2 minutes against runners. This should a bit make the map harder and add variety.

• And other small changes and fixes.

Version 4 (beta 5):

• Increased the number of simultaneous zombies to 110 (past value 85).

• Increased the final wave time to 3 minutes.

• Evacuation is changed.

• Some visual changes

• Now for activate the trap you also have to find a propane

• The map optimization is a bit improved - for almost all models, visibility distance made, also the rendering distance of the map is decreased (value Far Z Clip Plane).

• One of a door is fixed, through which it was possible to go beyond wall.

• And other small changes and fixes.


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