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A Map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Current Version: v9

Currently you can playtest de_geometry_v9 on my dedicated server.

GEOMETRY is a wide, open defuse map with only one bombspot to attack or defend.
For V9, you can view all minor and major changes in the changelog.

I made the map for me and my friends five years ago.
You actually still can find the old version right here on gamebanana:

Back then, I had little to no idea of the process of map making, yet what a balanced map is. I occasionally started up hammer every now and then, working on the map for some hours and then forgetting about it. Version 9 is the almost-final result of five years of mapping and really memorable playtest-evenings with my friends.
In contrast to the old Geometry, v9 is heavily balanced due to excessive playtesting, neat looking and is polished as a dev-texture map can get.

Please leave feedback to improve the map and help me developing it!

Alternatively, download de_geometry via the Workshop:

To load the map by console, type:  map de_geometry_v9



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    Peredice avatar
    Peredice username pic Joined 6y ago

    Hi again nymv!

    I played your map and it was pretty okay actually. :)
    First of all, I wanna say that I don't know much about
    layout and balancing so I can't comment much on that.
    I also took a couple of in-game screenshots what will
    help me illustrate the things I'm saying.

    Some minor things I noticed during gameplay:

    • Theres dust motes infront of theese windows, witch is a pretty
      nice touch in my opinion, but theres none on the T side.
      Pictures: -1- -2-
    • First time when I touched that metal thingy on the floor
      I genuinely got scared. I was not expecting that to collapse
      under me.
      Picture: -1-
    • Here I came across a wooden plank, so i tought. When I
      ducked behind it and tried to shoot trough it, it just shattered.
      I wonder how many people hid behind it and met their fate.
      Pictures: -1- -2-
    • If I were you I'd change the glass textures and use
      func_breakable_surf instead of func_breakable.
    • It's a nice detail you can shoot out lights, but I feel it's
    • There are glasses above a few door frames. It would be useful
      to shoot it out and lob grenades behind it. But scince there
      are no doors it kinda useless in my opinion.
    • Minimap is on point and perfect.
    • Theres a few dark places where snipers can hide and camp.

    Things you should do:

    • Add a 3D Skybox. The details you put to unreachable places
      are alright, but using a 3d skybox would add so much to
      the level.
      Add a big tower there, or something like that what can be
      seen all around the map, that helps with orientation.
    • You should add a metro or a train on the tracks.
      If you feel very brave then you should make it move across
      the map, like on overpass.
    • You could add sounds to the map. I hear a silent soundscape,
      birds chirping and stuff, but the town seems to be dead silent.
    • I think you should change the buildings to panel buildings.
      remove the triangular shaped roof and change it to flat ones.
    • You shoud add more details, I seen you made some,
      like park benches, poles and shelves, but I know you cold do
    • Also. Do some optimization!
      Using areaportals would help your map alot. Here you can
      see how this works.
      Picture: -1-

    I keep my promises, here's my feedback.
    It would be alot better if you'd put more work into it.
    I see that you're going with the Orange/gray dev textured theme,
    I think you should change that, and make this map more realistic
    or keep the theme and and exremely good details to everything.

    I hope my feedback helped, keep up the good work!
  • 11d
    Peredice avatar
    Peredice username pic Joined 6y ago
    If you're planning to improve this map based on the suggestions, then you should change the 'Development state' from Final to Alpha or something. 


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Development Info


- Fixed pixeljump on several crates
- Lamps are now breakable
- Small plates are now breakable
- Minor changes to overall cover
- Clipped several surfaces

[Right T-Lane]
-Reworked, removed diagonal wall, replaced with crates

[Ladder Room]
- Added small grenade-windows to ladder room

- Bombspot is now smaller and more visible

[Sniper Nest]
- Nerfed sniper nest by opening up the roof
- Second entrance replaced with ladder
- Added fence
- Added additional chest

- Removed cylinder
- Added crates and pipes to fill space

- Reworked the CT-part
- Clipped the door and shelf

- Hightened windows
- Decoration finally clipped
-Reworked garage

- Added minimap-image
- Added place names

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