A Map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Executives at Monolith Ventures take over the prefecture of Kaizen. MV closes off major areas to traffic during construction causing local business to plummet. Eventually outraged businesses leave Kaizen after infinite delays. MV continues tightening its grip

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    Let me start off (before just criticising, which is really the only important part) by saying that I think you actually nailed this map. I would consider voting towards helping this map enter into an operation if possible. Although I have some issues with the layout I think you did a great job exploring not only gameplay options but what you can do within the theme you've chosen!

    I can see your map doesn't seem to be intended for competitive play but I'm going to rate it based on that and give you criticism around the competitive aspect of the game as in most cases this tends to improve gameplay in the favor of balance. I've been a mapper for around 15 Years (no major releases though) but take my opinions with a grain of salt as I am not a professional player.

    This is all my opinion, if I say "X should be Y" or "Y is a bit too X" I'm not telling you something NEEDS to be done, it's just something to think about for yourself. :)

    I took some notes but a lot of it isn't really important and would be easier to show in a video/in game.

    Always good to start off with the positive:


    [Theme & Details]

    -Aethetic and theme is fantastic (9.5/10)(unfinished)

    -Long A is one of the most unique ive ever seen both in looks and layout

    -Love the some-on, some-off building lights :)

    -Love the birds in the sky

    -Appreciate all the custom work

    -I absolutely love the area colors, not sure if it was intentional but a lot of areas feel like

    they have a color theme (which obviously lends well to your current theme) and helps players to orientate themselves and more easily remember areas of the map, My favorite example is the "Greenline" or the red building at T spawn.


    -Tons of movement options available for both teams

    -"Starting line" style T Spawn is a really nice concept

    -I absolutely love the angled vent (t side approach B) that allows a jumpdown onto site vision of B, this may be a small feature but is absolutely amazing in terms on gameplay.

    -A Bombsite is really great, I can't describe all the reasons why but you REALLY have a winner with A... I can't stop coming back to it. The simple form, shape (and certain approaches) are unique, and seem like they would offer consistent and balanced gameplay.

    I really didn't like your mid lane at first and had huge problems with it but I have to tell you it's really fun. It feels a bit too important to have to control and somehow that adds to the appeal, what a great job - it reminds me of inferno.


    -Lots of unique angles, hiding places and ways to block/smoke areas.

    -Lots of movement and rotation options within the inner portion of the map

    -I think the vent is actually great for the map.


    [Biggest Thing]

    I'm just going to get this out of the way: The biggest problem I have with this map is the huge amount of "dead space" in terms of gameplay, let me clarify what I mean by this. After playing some 5v5 with friends I noticed that after the terrorists have executed their plan (unless it involves a fake, or a rotation is forced) the bottom half of the map becomes pretty much usused. Not to mention the incredibly long "Long" rotation from A/B or B/A (while avoiding mid) which make retaking from either feel almost impossible. 

    [B Bombsite]

    -Although the double bombsite idea is really cool and I commend you for adding it to a map, I think it

    really detracts from gameplay as it makes retaking the site more difficult for CTs thus increasing the time it takes to retake. (You essentially need to clear two bombsites in one which is hell)

    -The Car near B is jutting out slightly too far, I'd suggest backing it up closer to the second yellow bike braking bump pad near there. (Allows Ts more freedom to run in as a group)

    -The angled part of the bright sign, although blocking a connector does interfere with the site. I would go as far as say the entire sign is too much but that's considering there is 2 seperate place to plant. Not to mention the sign has foliage which obsructs gameplay (blends peeking player).

    -The bridge is amazing, but just a side note it does up to 11 Damage to the player when jumping off from the center (not off the ledge). Just something to remember as it has come into play during a game.

    -Under bridge is a little too dark, and is the only visibility issue I found.


    -The bank connector doesn't feel useful, although it's very nice. I would either block off a side or all of it and leave it as eye candy.

    -Obstructive foliage at A connector (to CT)


    -Too many vending machines for my taste.

    ////////////////////////Final Comments/////////////////////////////

    Well then, theres a lot more but that's a pretty concise list of what I wanted to convey. If you would like to message me feel free to do so and I can add you if you would like to discuss my feedback further. 

    Your map doesn't appear to be fully finished so I won't rate it, this won't be posted to the workshop to stop from giving people prejudices before playing it themselves.

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