Quiet Rehabilitation 2

A Map for Half-Life 2: Episode Two


  • Improvement Added more lighting in darker rooms.
  • Improvement Added better lighting in the final huge prison cell blocks.
  • BugFix Fixed two sprites not toggling off correctly in the generator room.
Update 2 5mo
  • Improvement Added one red light to improve visibility in the tunnels.
  • Improvement Added two flares in the end for better combat
  • Tweak Added another explosive barrel in the radio room in case SS zombie doesn't die.
  • BugFix Fixed an 'exit' door being able to open when it wasn't suppose to.
  • BugFix Fixed AI combine soldiers in the cellblocks rushing in to check player's shoots.
  • BugFix Fixed prop physics acting weird in the water section.
  • Adjustment Increased light_environment sun value.
Update 1 6mo

An abandoned section of offices and storage at Nova Prospekt


Localized on the other side of the Coast, the Combine used to run one among other abandoned sections of the block cells as an area to detain citizens who were determined to be a threat to the Combine action. Later on, these cell blocks were left behind, including countless prisoners and citizens who tried to escape by their own through vents, old offices, maintenance facilities and sewers.

After a successful escape from the cell blocks in sector A5, you'll find yourself still wandering in the sewers on another side at Nova Prospekt looking for an exit. Continuing your journey as a leftover prisoner attempting to stay alive at all cost. Keep low and dark. The Combine is still in alert of your escape.

Map Info

Playthrough Time: between 20~30 min (Short-Medium)
Map difficulty: Easy-Medium
Map size: 29,3 MB


Original map by Tabajara
Special thanks to my friends who playtested the map.


An experimental script and visual single player map. Part 1 available here (requires HL2)

Leave your feedback here whenever you can, I'll be glad to check it out! Also, in case you stream or record it, I'd love to watch you play it! Send me right away any time.

Thank you.
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  • DKgaming avatar
    DKgaming Joined 5mo ago
    150 points Ranked 24392nd
    Well I replayed this map this bug still apears, but holy $%it!
    It was epic! And yeah I replayed it with my skill.cfg to balance this game and it was cool. I replayed this part 3 times it was that nice
    And enemies were used just right! few fast zombies to distract, zombines spawn often to make you move more and elites just at the end as a distracting power for you to escape!
    Second part is definitely better then first one!
    Cliffhanger makes me wait for episode 3!


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  • DKgaming avatar
    DKgaming Joined 5mo ago
    150 points Ranked 24392nd
    Well this map got much MUCH better in terms of puzzles and level desing much easier to figure out what to do, BUT!
    I got stuck! yo wtf?
    I dont know how to upload screenshots in comments I am new to this site, but I got stuck in the place where combine soldier is supposed to open my door! It is the room with two zombines in it 
    I was trying to figure out what to do10 minuts, gave up on it and decided to google it and was shocked.

    And I feel like this map is not built with hard mode in mind
    This map contains lots and lots of surprise attacks including zombies right behind the corner  and poison zombie spawning (?) right behind me... those attacks left me with extremly low health

    Hard mode here more for second time playing but here are my suggestion you can either tweak the balance or I can make a special skill.cfg for your map! pls reply

    Note: yes I was collecting every thing I could, destroyed every box no  metter what EVERYTHING on my way was smashed. For now I am going to replay this map in hopes that this bug will not appear


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  • gocristi avatar
    gocristi Joined 1y ago
    6mo 6mo
    Fantastic, when i saw screens, it seemed like this map was dark and boring)
    but when i tried.....)
    I am quite long here, ive seen many maps, but definitely this map deserves more then 10. There is no map here i could tell about like this. 


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  • RisingCorpse avatar
    RisingCorpse Joined 5y ago
    431 points Ranked 11213rd
    Great sequel to your previous map. 

    I liked the new puzzles, especially the electrified water one. Not many mappers keep in mind the laws of physics and "electricity conduction" when making "water+electricity" puzzles on their levels. The part with explosive barrels behind the glass windows was a bit confusing at first, then I accidently stumbled upon that tiny valve in a corner. Some indication and lighting might help there.

    The atmosphere is okay, but the majority of the map is way too dark compared to original. 

    The combat is balanced, AI doesn't get stuck on props and such and it is great. 

    The ending is done also very nicely. Unexpected twist at the end. At first I thought that the map will have another generic "elevator ending" like many other hl2 maps do, but I was surprised.


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    I have octopus for my penis
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