A Map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


  • Fixed possible exploit where you could make items unusable
  • Fixed teleporters not covering all areas
  • Fixed some teleporters that didn't spread people out properly
  • Fixed a sound that was not packed in the right path
  • Fixed a few places where people could get stuck
  • Fixed issues with the skip-map commands
  • Fixed some nodraw spots
  • Fixed draftwind speed
  • Fixed issue where people could go back to spawn through a teleporter
  • Tweaked some fade entities
  • Tweaked some fog smoothing
  • Tweaked the main teleporter sprite
  • Tweaked some hold timers
  • Tweaked the draftwind heights a bit
  • Tweaked the amount of sounds played at the same time, reduced/optimized
  • Tweaked some guardian spawns
  • Tweaked some sound/music timings
  • Tweaked final zombie log jumps, you can now jump directly to the bridge after the boss is defeated
  • Tweaked the first temple room, it should now be slightly easier to overdefend
  • Tweaked/decreased shake amount, should be more pleasant now
  • Tweaked the boss stomp-stun trigger, lowered it to be more accurate/forgiving
  • Tweaked draftwind particles to be removed when boss starts
  • Improved visuals and fixed visual bugs
  • Improved/added some teleporters and tweaked some teleporter timers
  • Improved item-buttons, you should now be able to press them easier in weird angles
  • Improved item sprite above head, it will not disappear on use so you can see who the item-users are
  • Improved zombie item pickup, you will now get 30k hp
  • Improved the temple pits, they are now way deeper
  • Improved zombie items, they will now teleport ahead if not picked up (or if skipping the map)
  • Improved boulder/stonesmash damage, it will hurt little at a distance and a lot up close
  • Improved a slope/surf in spawn
  • Improved lightmap scale
  • Improved the temple visuals
  • Improved/recreated the map radar
  • Improved general lighting
  • Improved the looks of the door in spawn
  • Improved the boss music, it shouldn't be able to run out now
  • Boss roar attack will now spawn slightly less boulders
  • Boss will now search for new target as soon as the current target goes outside boss arena
  • Boss now has more HP (from: 4k base, 1k each to: 3k base, 2k each)
  • Boss will now damage players more
  • Boss will now be able to get stunned from grenades (80% chance IF not locked in action)
  • Boss now has a health indicator (and bonus nade damage indicator)
  • Boss dash attack will now push players more accurately
  • Boss will now switch between targets slightly more often
  • Boss now has fixed galloping sounds
  • Boss will now fall down further before disappearing when dead
  • Guardians will not target players on another height-level now
  • Guardians now has lower HP (from 1.5k to 700 for every player)
  • Guardians will now auto-die/clean up when you get to the boss
  • Added warmup mode to let people load in properly/not waste time
  • Added some traps (mostly against doorhugging players)
  • Added indicator/outline glows to levers
  • Added a lot more detail
  • Added a 3rd zombie item (which shoots a human-killing orb)
  • Added a human heal item (heals players gradually to 200hp, useful with boss buff)
  • Added a handful of shortcuts/sub-paths, letting zombies get ahead a bit easier
  • Added more KZ-climbs/jumps for the lever triggers
  • Added randomized rain
  • Added a couple extra draftwinds at the start of the outer grove
  • Added a vine ladder near the zombie items
  • Added/included entwatch in map download
  • Added admin button (at the top of spawn) for skipping to the temple or boss
  • Added score for people who trigger the levers
  • Added proper fall-fade triggers to the temple
  • Added extended ending, humans will have to search for and kill low-hp zombies (with some random cover/hiding places)

Here is a big update to the map with lots of tweaks, fixes and additions. I worked a lot on this since V2.

The boss should have more variety/options to it now, you can stunlock it with grenades and use a heal whenever you see fit. In relation to this i buffed the boss to make things a bit more spicy. Hopefully it won't end up as too easy or completely impossible.

(please note that things are usually way more difficult until people learn the map, give it some time)

If there's no major issues with the map i'll keep this final, let's hope for the best.
Have fun, and good luck!

V3 8mo
  • Fixed crash issue related to env_fade (thanks a lot to Syoudous and George!)
  • Optimized some entities
  • Increased guardian speed slightly (from 1000 to 1150)
  • Increased guardian grab length slightly (from 100 to 125)
  • Fixed issue where a guardian-grabbed player becomes stuck when zombified
  • Increased guardian HP a lot
  • Nerfed the falling stone damage slightly (from 200 to 150)
  • Nerfed zombie jumper item (increased cooldown, lower jump distance)
  • Buffed zombie fling item (decreased cooldown, increased length/strength)
  • Added indicator sprites for the items (when they are ready to use)
  • Tweaked/fixed the draftwinds heavily, now it will clamp your speed to prevent exploits/inbalance
  • Made it easier to defend after the 1st set of draftwinds on the left
  • Made the final win push auto-jump players
  • Tweaked a few timers/events
  • Fixed a faulty teleporting speed-feature
  • Made the fog go slower when the boss dies
  • Added an anti-doorhugging measure
  • Tweaked some sounds to make them less loud
  • Fixed a bug where the temple crushers are seen from the outside area
  • Nerfed the boss damage
  • Nerfed the zombie boss jumps a bit (slightly easier to defend)
  • Made some doors open faster
  • Made a teleporter delayed, allowing overdefending
  • Added another path for zombies to get to a certain hold
  • Forced mp_roundtime to prevent round ending
  • Added some extra tree-logs, making it less difficult for fall damage servers

These tweaks/fixes should hopefully make this the final version, no promises though.


V2 8mo

Enter the grove of eternity


The map contains:
> 1 long, difficult stage
> 1 human item
> 3 zombie items
> npc's
> a boss

Enter the grove of eternity
Walk deep into the temple of death
Get to the top of the tower and defeat the god
Good luck on your journey

This map took 3 days for the first release:
Day 1:    Creating/preparing assets and systems
Day 2:    Creating the actual map (layout, events, etc)
Day 3:    Bugfixing and polishing


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