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Brutal - Hostage Rescue

A Map for Counter-Strike 1.6

Brutal - Hostage Rescue
By Agustin Ariel
Textures by Valve Software
Overview by Focus (

Location: Black Mesa Research Facility

Time: 13:00 hs

Phoenix Connexion: Money, technology and scientist 
staff is what you need to counter the main European 
powers. Keep Counter-Terrorist force out of the area 
and do not let them rescue the hostages.

Seal Team 6: Find the scientists and lead them to 
the rescue zone at the spawn or eliminate all the 
terrorists. Sewers can also be used to reach the 

Notes: There are 4 hostages in the mission.


Brutal is a medium sized Hostage Rescue map that offers multiple ways for the CT force to reach the hostages making a pretty balanced scenario for both teams. Hostages are being held in a small storage, this building already has 5 entrances if you don't count the windows, as a CT you can reach it by taking the trainyard, the sewers, the backyard and you can even jump on the wagons to reach the storage windows. As a Terrorist you will need to know where enemies are before they get in the storage, otherwise you will be surrounded and you will have to camp near hostages which is not a viable tactic since enemies will fire through crates and walls to kill you before you know where they are coming from. By the way there is an useful sniper spot at the middle of the map that both teams can use to watch both the Hostages and the Rescue Zone. Enjoy it!!! Place files at Steam/steamapps/common/Half-Life/cstrike.
Please don't re-upload this map somewhere else.



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    I love original maps.

    Playing with some friends i found 2 spots that you get stuck if you reach it, and this spots ive marked you can reach without "multijump" or low gravity, just jumping in the tank near CT spawn and on the balcony in T Spawn... anyways i loved :)


    Sorry my English :P


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