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zombie defense dark corridor

A Map for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

This is IMPORTANT before using this file.
- This is not merely a game map. It is a game mod. Literally convert your condition zero into a new game, which is the zombie defense game on a specific map. The file consists of a map, some AmxModx plugins, and some model and sound replacement files.

- By installing this mod pack, your condition zero will change. Yes, become different from what it was like before. So, back up your game if necessary.

How to use this mod pack? Do as the followings otherwise you won't get it correct!
1. Unpack the RAR file and cover to the condition zero root directory. Select replace/cover original files. Backup your files before doing these cuz this will replace your original game files... literally, making your CZ a brand new game.

2. open the "config.cfg" or "userconfig.cfg" or whatsoever similar in your czero, czero_schinese, czero_spanish, czero_russia or whatever via the windows notepad (The commonplace program that you use to open .txt files). Add      mp_consistency "0"        in the list before the "exec userconfig.cfg" item in the last line. Save the file and make it read only. Otherwise if you do not like to do this, just go into the game main menu everytime  and enter the command line        mp_consistency 0       in your console panel. This is however, very tedious cuz you'll have to enter everytime

3. In the CPU player options, disable pistols for the bot, this is a must. Starting money is perferred to be 16000. Max players in game set to 32, and expert bot is NOT recommended cuz it will not fully fill the server. Uncheck the "Enable tutor" item in the menu. It is recommended that you set the round time of the game to be over 10 mins and at the same time, buy time per round is also more than 10 mins. This will be convenient for you and your teammates to buy guns repetitively and after respawns

4. After entering the map, choose CT. Then hit ~ to open the console panel and input   amx_respawn 1   to activate the unlimited respawn plugin. Then after all bots join the game, use H menu or console panel to refresh the server. Then it's a fresh start, enjoy.


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    Ice Age Era Joined 4y ago
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    This is my zombie defense episode 2, since my episode 1 black city. This time, you have got your teammates to back you up and you will no longer be fighting alone here.

    The difference with the previous episode is here you have to reload after a magazine is used up, just like what you normally do in the CS. However you and your teammates have unlimited backup ammo. In episode 1, you have unlimited clip ammo and no reload is required, that setting is simply because you have no time to reload when facing the continuous coming hordes.
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Ice Age Era
Ice Age Era Joined 4y ago


Ice Age Era avatar
Ice Age Era Joined 4y ago
Ice Age Era
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