A Map for Counter-Strike 1.6

Cs_assault_hwl is a project that i have been working on since November last year, and it's the first map that i have ever released after years of mapping design. The aim is to turn cs_assault from the most T sided map ever made to a fairly more balanced one for both sides. A lot of changes have been made to it that are in favor of the CT's, whose objective was nearly impossible before. The gameplay isn't the only thing in mind though; A lot of detailing has also been added, which is what took 70% of the time, since the detailing part is the most time consuming one, as well as the part that most mappers give up on.
The main reason to why i started this project in the first place is because any other community made assault map that you would find in 1.6 either makes the map darker, or is even more complicated than the original. But my map on the other hand, has a completely different direction, and i hope that this goal can be achieved by the help of the community.
Any feedback would be highly appreciated, that includes both the gameplay and the visuals. Feel free to leave them here or in my discord server. There is not really any other way to improve a map.
New versions will be released as long as feedback and or suggestions is enough.

The whole changelog:

+ Moved the metal containers in the back area of the warehouse some units back.
+ Back alley’s door has been relaced by a metallic one that slides upwards in order to not interfere with the gameplay.
+ Made the vents taller so that players are not required to crouch anymore.
+ Added wooden crates outside the vents.
+ The warehouse now includes a lot more crates for cover.
+ Added one single barrel in the entire map!
+ Added a ladder to the bridge that leads to the hostage room.
+ Fixed the ladder inside the warehouse to be one way climbable only.
+ Added a metal container inside the warehouse for more cover.
+ Moved the second metal container to a position that terrorists can’t get to anymore.
+ Almost all ladders now have their wideness tripled.
+ Adjusted the height of the warehouse’s metal gate.
+ Added clipping to some areas in order to eliminate the “jolt” effect.
+ Added blue lights to the back aclley area for visibility purposes.
+ Modified the catwalk outside the hostage room.
+ Added ambient sounds without disturbing the gameplay.
+ Added lots of map detailing (and easter eggs!).
+ Added lights to areas in order to make players a lot more visible.
+ Added a new storage area to the back alley that leads to the warehouse.
+ Added a ramp next to the front warehouse’s metallic gate.
+ Lots of more areas are now wallbangable.
+ Greatly Improved navigation for bots.
+ AI nodes have been added that also greatly improve the nagivation for the hostages.
+ Two of the pillars in the warehouse are now breakable.
- Removed some of the bridge's concrete barriers.
- Removed the cameras that terrorists could use outside the hostage room.
- Removed collision of the truck’s wheels.

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