A Map for Portal 2

My first Portal 2 custom map (Portal 1 style) using PeTI + Valve Hammer Editor. Also, this was my first time when i used Valve Hammer Editor :D
test_chamber_00 walkthrough https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkE5vrjrLo8
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    i just finished playing your map and i can say it was a very fun and challenging experience.Some parts took me quite a long time to figure out,especially the timed puzzle with the box and the emancipation grill and the part right after the dark energy pellet reaches its destination (at the very end). 

    To name some things which i am especially fond of: The areas are diverse and intriguing and i especially liked the appearance of the corroded,goo-filled room as a contrast to all the previously clean and polished areas. Many parts feel different and are interesting to navigate around once you get the general feeling of the layout. I like the fact that the laser directing cube is used in many puzzles and is constantly carried around by the player,which often results in having to find a way to relocate it without its relocation compromising the route. 

    there are only a few negative things i have to say about the map:
    1.the thin corridor where the goo is shallow and can be walked on wasn`t very intuitive as an actual passage due to it usually representing instant death.it could have been replaced by a more solid path (although i really like the aesthetic look of it as it is).
    2.the horizontal tile just at the end of that goo corridor always takes me a large number of tries to place a portal on.I`m not sure if i am the only one having this problem but i have tried many angles of shooting and it appears to be completely random when the portal forms.This would not be such a big problem if this tile wasn`t used in the timed puzzle,so i had to constantly use the quick load key if it took too long.
    3.the first puzzle on the map,where you must reach the first cube by jumping through the floor portals,took me many tries as i never seemed to be able to reach it,although that might only be my momentum regulation inability.i would have preferred if the box was a bit closer,as it did get a bit frustrating after a while.

    Overall,i don`t have any complaints apart from the ones mentioned and i enjoyed both the design and the difficulty.

    Keep up the good work!


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