Zombie Survival Rottenburg

A Map for Team Fortress 2


  • Addition Engineers can purchase upgrades at the start of the game
  • Addition Sprint ability added to upgrades list
  • Addition More voicelines and effects
  • Addition 2 new spots added. 1 accessible by Tank
  • Addition Tank tunnel is blocked by another wooden gate destroyable by the Tank for a shortcut
  • Removal Some barrels with bad lighting removed
  • BugFix Fixed engineers occasionally vocalising when no engineers have died
  • BugFix Fixed medics being able to destroy tank gates after the round has ended
  • Adjustment Tank now has 1500 HP and moves more slowly
  • Adjustment Increased the frequency at which engineers can vocalise
  • Adjustment Water in the water pit is now fully transparent
  • Tweak FIX: Upgrades now work properly

  • The game_ui in the upgrades is known to cause lag to players with high ping. Not recommended for use and will be removed.
  • Accidentally broke the last survivor voiceline (doesn't work on last survivor anymore, but earlier). Will fix.
  • Engineers don't visit spots optimally. Will look into directing them better
  • Plan to add voice lines relating to when the tank appears and draws near. Perhaps medics will announce an engie's death? (Most likely would happen if engies do not vocalise)
  • If possible and time allows, may add voice lines related to the result of the previous round. If engies win, perhaps give them a voiceline too?

Version 4 (zs_rottenburg_v4) 3mo
  • Addition New spot added for RED
  • Addition Small chance for newly spawned medics to evolve into a titan
  • Feature The titan is intended to condition RED into less risky tactics. Titans cannot enter specific areas
  • Feature The boss may have unintended side effects, these will be patched after testing.
  • Removal Removed the ammo and health pack at the final platform on RED side
  • Adjustment Reduced the number of BLU spawns
  • Adjustment Fixed lighting so that it is close to/identical to the official map
  • Tweak Fix: Renamed the Titan to Tank; fits in better with the related VO
  • Tweak Fix: Fixed the Tank from not spawning
  • Tweak Fix: The Tank role is now given to the first active medic that leaves spawn when the bonus is available
  • Tweak Fix: Tank's spawn becomes more likely as the round progresses
  • Tweak Fix: More cupboards added; hiding spots do not work when every player knows of them
Version 3 (zs_rottenburg_v3) 6mo


Zombie Survival Rottenburg is an optimisation of the map mvm_rottenburg for Zombie Survival. Notable changes from the original map include shrinking of the tower doors, conversion of an upgrade station to a spot, and filling of the bomb disposal shaft with water. Engineers will vocalise whenever a nearby teammate dies: "engie's a goner!"; warranting the need for medics to listen to audio cues for a tactical advantage. Engineers can purchase upgrades near their spawn at the beginning of the game until medics are first released. There is a chance for medics to spawn as a boss, which has high defense, moves slowly and cannot fit into certain places.

Map features additional effects taken from the MvM gamemode.

Play requirements

This map should be played on any zombie survival server with RED engineers vs BLU medics.

Links and credits

Map logic, lighting and restructuring by Yellow Sage. Map lighting, restructuring and motd by Jack (jack5gamebanana) Stringer. Original map, sounds and models belong to Valve Corporation.
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Valve Corporation
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Yellow Sage
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Map creator, map logic
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Map lighting, structure


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Yellow Sage Joined 2y ago
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Yellow Sage
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